Switching from Reason-Based Categories to Urgency-Based Categories Follow

If you've already set up some categories in your Recalls, you may wish to switch over to using the urgency-based approach now that this feature is available. 

The best way to do this is to delete your existing recall reason-based categories and start fresh. This is because creating a mix of recall reason-based categories and urgency-based categories can get complex due to the potential overlaps. This scenario is explained in the panel below. 


Say you've set up two categories, like so:

   Category A

  • Linked urgencies: Urgency X
  • Linked recall reasons: (none specified)

   Category B

  • Linked urgencies: (none specified)
  • Linked recall reasons: Reason Y

If a recall came into your system with Urgency X and Reason Y, which category should the system use for this recall? 

Therefore, to have Category A and Category B, a third category, Category C, must also be created:

   Category C

  • Linked urgencies: Urgency X
  • Linked recall reasons: Reason Y

Alternatively, you could add one or more recall reasons to Category A or one or more urgencies to Category B. 

If you wish to use a mix of urgency-based and reason-based categories, you can. Just keep the above in mind in case of any errors so that you'll be able to resolve them as they come up. 

For example, if you tried to set up your categories with only Category A and Category B above (i.e. without Category C), you would receive the following error message on Category B:

This category conflicts with "Category A": some recalls may have both "Urgency X" and "Reason Y" and that case is currently not handled.

At this point, to remove the error and proceed with saving your categories, you could do any of:

  • Remove Category A and leave Category B only

  • Remove Category B and leave Category A only

  • Add one or more urgencies to Category B and/or add one or more reasons to Category A

  • Add Category C.

Which option you choose is up to how you prefer to handle your recalls.


If you want to have just two categories - one for your clinical reminders and one for your results - you could achieve this by adding a category with all urgencies except the “(no urgency)” urgency - this would cover your results - and another category with only the “(no urgency)” urgency - this would cover your clinical reminders.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have different categories for different types of clinical reminders, then you can simply add the reasons needed as well as the “(no urgency)” urgency to each clinical reminder category.

Otherwise, recreating your categories based on urgency is easy - simply choose which urgency or urgencies should apply to each category, just as you previously did with recall reasons. 

If you have any questions about this or would like some assistance, please contact our Support team by using the 'Help' button in the bottom right corner of your Practice Admin account. 


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