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If a patient has come into your practice with a Healthengine confirmation but you can't see it in your appointment book, the appointment might have been cancelled or changed in your appointment book.


How do I check if an appointment has been cancelled or moved?

Best Practice:

Best Practice Appointment book > View > Cancelled appointments > check the box 'include cut and moved appointments'



MedicalDirector PracSoft:

PracSoft Appointment book > View >Show Delete History > select the relevant date range


If you have checked your cancelled/deletion history and still can't find the appointment, it may be due to another issue. Here are other articles that may help:


What happens if I cancel or move a Healthengine appointment?

When you modify a Healthengine booking by cancelling or changing the time, date or practitioner from the original booking details, you unlink the patient comms associated with that booking.

This means the patient can no longer manage their booking from their Healthengine email or app.

And if the patient forgets to cancel their original Healthengine booking, they will still receive an email reminder for their old booking which may cause confusion, especially if other reminders are sent with different booking details.


What happens if the patient tries to cancel via their Healthengine email or app after the appointment has been cancelled/moved?

The patient will still be able to cancel or reschedule successfully, however, as the booking has been unlinked, this will not update in your appointment book nor will the patient be notified that their cancellation attempt has failed.

The practice will also receive a notification email of the cancelled appointment. To see if your practice is set up for notifications, check out our article, Notifications in Practice Admin


Will a moved appointment work with Healthengines Reminders Plus?

Yes! As we are integrated with Best Practice, we are able to send SMS reminders for all bookings whether they were created in Best Practice or Healthengine.

The moved appointment becomes a Best Practice appointment which means the patient will receive SMS reminders (if Reminders preferences allow it).


What should I do if a patient calls the practice to cancel?

There are times when a patient will call the practice to cancel or reschedule their appointment instead of doing this online. They may want to speak to your staff to find out more information, or they may be unable to cancel due to restrictions in your settings. E.g blackout period, reminders or recalls preferences.

If you have cancelled or rescheduled the appointment, we recommend practices also advise patients to cancel their Healthengine appointment otherwise they will receive a reminder for the original booking. 






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