Benefits of our Oasis Integration Follow

Benefits of the integration for your practice?

  • We connect to your Oasis software via API, meaning we do not require access to any server computers, and there is no software to install. This eliminates issues that can arise from hardware or server connections.
  • The integration will automatically publish availability as set in your Oasis Online setup for Online Bookings and also insert booked appointments into your Oasis diary.


How does it work?

  • As we connect to your Oasis Online Setup, we publish the same availability shown there, and you can manage your availability in the same way. For assistance with this, speak to Oasis or view their Online Setup user guide. You access the Online Setup in Oasis as shown below:



  • Your practice will need to specify which practitioners you would like to enable for online bookings and what their appointment length is. Note: Healthengine will read the appointment length of the ‘New Patient’ column as the default appointment length.


  • Healthengine syncs availability based on the first appointment type in this list. 


  • In your Healthengine portal, you then link up your Healthengine appointment types to those in your Oasis ‘Default Reasons for Visit’ list, and match the length to what is set in your Oasis Online Setup for each of the different appointment reasons you have added. If you do not link an appointment type, or the length does not match what is set in your Oasis Online Setup, then the booking may fail, so do not forget to keep these linked and matching. Note: The appointment type names on Healthengine will need to be set to the exact wording of the appointment types listed under the Default Reasons for Visit in Oasis > Computer Screen > Wizards > Online Setup > Online Details.
  • When a patient chooses one of those appointment types online, the integration will automatically insert the appointment into your Oasis diary, and allocate the required length. It’s that easy!  
  • The integration does not support online cancellations, so if a patient needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they will call you to do so. You can then remove the appointment from your Oasis diary to redisplay the appointment time for another patient to fill.


Further Troubleshooting

For further information and troubleshooting steps should you make any changes that affect the integration, please see our troubleshooting article.

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