Healthengine's Recalls Filters Follow

In the Healthengine Recalls system, you can filter your recalls to assist you in processing them more efficiently. The filters include:

  • Free text search - This allows you to search by patient name or recall type.
  • Recall due date range - This allows you to see only recalls with a due date within a particular range.
  • Doctor - Filter the recalls by the associated doctor.
  • Recall Type - Filter the recalls by their recall type.
  • Urgency - Filter the recalls by their urgency.
  • Contact Attempts - Filter the recalls by the number of contact attempts that have been made against it.
  • Communication Types - Filter the recalls by the communication types that are possible for that recall. For example, by clicking on ‘SMS’ this shows only recalls that can be sent as an SMS

  • Patient agreed to SMS? - Filter out any recalls for which the associated patient has or hasn’t agreed to receive SMS communications from your practice.

  • Booked next appointment? - Filter out any recalls for which the associated patient has already booked an upcoming appointment or vice versa.


For efficiency, Healthengine Recalls also gives you the opportunity to save filter preferences!

Once you set all your filters as you would typically do before actioning your recalls, you can type over 'Name filter preset' to label the filter whatever you'd like and then select the 'Save filters' button.


Please Note: Only when one or more filter options are chosen that the opportunity to name and save the filter appears.

You can then easily reselect the same filters at a later time by selecting the filter name from the drop down. 


To remove a saved filter, simply select it from the drop down and click the red bin icon - this will then ask you to confirm that you want to delete the filter.

It will then leave the filters in place in case you want to save them under a different name, but if you don't need them any more you can clear them using the Clear all link at the top of your filters. 


Please Note: The last active saved filter will remain as the "default" filter for your practice and will be automatically chosen for anyone logging into your recalls system until a different filter is chosen.


Sorting your Recalls

You can also sort the recalls by ascending or descending order for each column heading by clicking on that column heading. For example, in the below image, the recalls have been sorted in ascending order by ‘Recall Due’ so that recalls that are due soonest are displayed first.


You can combine filters and sorting as much as you like to narrow down the list of recalls that are displayed.

If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email

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