Explanation of the Detail View Follow

The detail view in HealthEngine Recalls provides a more detailed view of each recall on a per-recall basis. An example of the detail view is pictured below.


Features of the detail view:

1. Patient name - This is the name of the patient that the recall is for


2. Recall status - This is the overall, current status of the recall 


3. Next/Last recall buttons - These buttons allow you to move between different recalls within the detail view


4. Recalls details - All of the details of the recall, including doctor name, recall type, etc. 


5. Recall history - Provides an overview of the history of the recall, i.e. all actions performed against that recall in the HealthEngine Recalls system

6. Send recall buttons - These buttons allow you to send the individual recall from the detail view


7. Mark as buttons - These buttons allow you to mark the individual recall as requiring the doctor's attention or no further action required 


To exit the detail view, simply click outside of the white area. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please contact our friendly Support staff by emailing support@healthengine.com.au with your query. 

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