How to Mark a Recall as 'Doctor's Attention Required' Follow

When a recall has had several contact attempts with no response from the patient, you may need to get advice from the doctor on how to proceed. In this case, you can mark the recall as requiring the doctor’s attention in the Healthengine Recalls system.

To do this, simply select the recall/s you wish the doctor to provide advice on and click the ‘Doctor’s Attention Required’ button under the ‘MARK AS’ menu options, as pictured below:


Once you have clicked this button, you will be directed to the ‘Doctor’s Attention Required’ tab. From this tab, you can download a PDF of all selected recalls to give to the doctor. This PDF summarises the key information of each recall and has a section for the doctor to add their notes against the recall.


Once the doctor has provided their feedback on how to proceed, you can send a recall back to the ‘To Action’ tab by clicking ‘Further Action Required’, thus taking it out of the ‘Doctor’s Attention Required’ queue. Alternatively, if no further action is required, you can click ‘No Further Action Required’ to archive a recall and send it to the ‘All Synced Recalls’ tab.

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