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The Healthengine Recalls system is designed to help your practice effectively deliver recalls in the form of a SMS, letter and/or phone call to ensure that you are able to contact your patients in a way that best suits them! 

To find out how to send an SMS and process phone recalls, check out our Help Centre articles below:

How to Send a Letter Recall

To send a Letter recall, check the box next to the patient recall/s you wish to process and then select the ‘Letter’ button beneath ‘Send Recall’ as seen in the image below:


If you have set-up your Recalls Categories, your Letters will be ready under the 'Letters' tab of the Recalls Interface- to learn more about Recalls Categories, check out our Help Centre article, How to use Recalls Categories.

From this tab, you can download the letters to print, edit or cancel the letters. Each of these actions can be performed in bulk to save time. When downloading multiple letters, they will be combined into one PDF file for convenient printing. If you wish to have separate PDFs, simply select one recall at a time when clicking the ‘Download’ button.


Once you have downloaded and printed the letters, simply follow your practice’s usual process for sending out letter recalls.

If you don't have categories set-up, then you will see the below prompt:


After clicking 'OK', you will be directed to the ‘Create Letter Messages’ screen as seen below:


Here, you can choose a pre-existing template from the ‘Choose template’ drop-down menu or you can enter a custom message into the ‘Message content’ box.

If you select a pre-existing template, its content will appear in the ‘Message content’ box which you can then customise for that particular letter send.

Once you are happy with the message content, click ‘Save To Print’ or alternatively, you can cancel the process at any time by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button.


Once you have clicked ‘Save To Print’, you'll be directed to the ‘Letters Pending’ tab where the recall/s will now appear.  

If you experience any issues or need assistance, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email

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