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The HealthEngine Recalls system was created to assist practices in processing their recalls in a timely and cost-effective way. With SMS, phone call, and letter notification options, our Recalls product ensures that you are able to contact your patients in a way that best suits them. 

The interface has several ‘tabs’; however, the primary tab is the ‘To Action’ tab. This is where all recalls that are coming up due appear for actioning. Once a recall is actioned from the ‘To Action’ tab, it is sent to the ‘All Synced Recalls’ tab. The recall will stay open in this tab until:

  • The doctor or nurse marks the recall as given, contacted, or performed in the Practice Management System (PMS).
    • This will hide the recall completely from the HealthEngine Recalls system.
  • The recall is marked as 'No further action required' in HealthEngine Recalls.
    • This will archive the recall (becomes ‘greyed out’) and it will stay in the ‘All Synced Recalls’ tab until it’s due date falls outside of the date range settings, at which time it will no longer appear in the system. 
  • The patient books an appointment with the practice.
    • At this point, you are able to archive the recall as complete by clicking ‘No Further Action Required’ on that recall.
    • Please note that this will prevent the recall from returning to the ‘To Action’ screen ever again, so it is important to ensure that the appointment the patient booked is for the purpose of the recall before archiving it.

If the patient doesn’t book an appointment or the recall isn’t given, the recall will be sent back to ‘To Action’ after a set number of days, depending on the communication method used to attempt contact. The number of days the system will wait until moving a recall back into ‘To Action’ is determined by your Recalls settings. For more information on Recalls settings, please click
here. This process will repeat until the recall is archived, either manually after the patient books an appointment, or by the doctor marking the recalls as complete/given/performed in the PMS. Please note that recalls for patients who are marked as 'Inactive' or 'Deceased' on their patient record will not appear in the HealthEngine Recalls system. 

Please note that HealthEngine Recalls is supported for use with Internet Explorer; we recommend using Google Chrome to use the HealthEngine Recalls system.

For more information on how to process and archive recalls, please see other articles here

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