Why Have I Been Locked Out of Recalls? Follow

 The purpose of Recall lockouts is to prevent you from performing recall actions while we can't connect to the Appointment Connector. This is because doing so would result in a loss of progress (i.e. you would be performing the actions, but the actions wouldn't get recorded into the Practice Management Software - particularly problematic for the audit history)


There are two types of Recalls lockouts. The most common one is the "heartbeat lockout" which occurs when we have been unable to establish a connection with your Appointment Connector for more than 10 consecutive minutes. This lockout type can be seen in the image below. 


The second, less common lockout type is the "sync failure lockout" which occurs when we have been unable to successfully sync your practice's recalls for 5 consecutive attempts. This is due to a mismatch between what's stored in our database and what's stored in the Practice Management Software for one or more of the recalls in the sync. 



To clear the "heartbeat lockout" type,  please restart your HealthEngine Appointment Connector by following the instructions provided in the article: https://support.healthengine.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/360030811372-Restarting-your-HealthEngine-Appointment-Connector- 


If you are faced with the "sync failure lockout" type that mentioned the connection failure after 5 consecutive attempts, please contact our Customer Support Team on support@healthengine.com.au to investigate this for you.

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