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Under the 'Settings' menu in Practice Admin, you will find items such as 'Manage Practitioners', 'Manage Availability', 'Installation Resources', 'Subscriptions', 'Practice Policies, 'Logins & Permissions', 'Blocked Phone Numbers' 'Billing History' and 'Notifications'. 


In 'Manage Practitioners' you have the option to add and remove practitioners, edit practitioner profiles and edit their appointment types. The 'Appointment Types' page allows you to manage your practitioners' appointment types and also temporarily show/hide your online appointments, either on a per-practitioner basis, or for all practitioners; please note that this is intended for use in emergencies only and does not affect billing. 


The 'Availability' page allows you to either view your availability if your practice is integrated with HealthEngine, or view and manage your availability if your practice isn't integrated with HealthEngine. 


On the 'Installation Resources' page, you will find the download links for Sidebar for Windows or Mac OS, or the web-based Sidebar link. You can also download the latest version of our Appointment Connector from this page if your practice is integrated with HealthEngine. 


The 'Logins & Permissions' page allows you to add and manage the logins your practice has to Practice Admin. You can add a separate login for each of your staff members and decide which permissions that login has. You can reset the password to these logins at any time by clicking 'Reset Password' or delete a login by clicking 'Delete'. Alternatively, you can disable a login without completely deleting it by clicking 'Disable'. 


On the 'Notifications' page, you can manage which notification types you receive from HealthEngine and to which email address or addresses they get sent. 

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