Practice Admin's 'Account' and 'Resources' Menus Follow

Your 'Account' section in Practice Admin, gives your practice the ability to manage your logins, notifications and various other options! Under the 'Account' menu in Practice Admin, you'll find these options listed as seen in the image below:





Logins & Permissions

'Logins & Permissions' allows you to add and manage the logins your practice has to Practice Admin. You can add a separate login for each of your staff members and decide which permissions that login has. You can also reset the password to these logins at any time or delete them - our Adding and Editing Logins for Practice Admin article will explain how to do this!



The 'Subscriptions' section in Settings gives you a quick overview of the subscriptions and features you currently have active on your Healthengine account. From here, you can also select to change your tier and read our Help Centre article, Looking to change your subscription tier?


Billing History

'Billing History' gives you a complete breakdown of all your past billing information as well as your billing anniversary and the date of your next invoice. From here, you can also rectify any bookings in case a patient has marked themselves as new when in fact they are existing to avoid being wrongfully billed. To find out more about this, check out our Help Centre article, Your Invoice Explained



On the 'Notifications' page, you can manage which notification types you receive from Healthengine and to which email address/addresses they get sent to. You can read more about this in our Help Centre article, Notifications in Practice Admin.


Communication Block List

Finally, our 'Blocked Communications' page allows you to block patients from receiving Healthengine-powered communication from your practice, excluding Recalls. Our Help Centre article, Managing your Communication Block List explains more about how to do this.




On the 'Resources' menu, under 'Promotional material' you will find resources you can download to help promote your online bookings. There is also a link to complete a form and submit a request for a promotional pack sent to you in the post. You can navigate back to that page at any time if you wish to request additional promotional material.



Below that, there is also a link to our Help Centre, and a link to offers that may be currently available from our partners.


Lastly, under 'Installation Resources', practices who don't have an integrated Practice Management Software with Healthengine will find the download links for Sidebar for either Windows, Mac OS or use our Web-based Sidebar.

For practices that are integrated with Healthengine, here you can download the latest version of our Appointment Connector - the service used to publish your appointments online from your Practice Management Software. 


If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email

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