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What is My Health Record?

The My Health Record system is a national digital health record system, managed by the Australian Government. Having a My Health Record gives you a secure electronic summary of your health information and means you, and any participating doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care will, with your consent, have access to a summary of your information – including medications, allergies and immunisations. This will contribute to better, safer and more efficient care for you. Information in your My Health Record can include your personal details and important health information such as discharge summaries from hospitals, allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details and test or scan reports. If you are unsure if you have a My Health Record please visit for more information.


Why does HealthEngine want access to My Health Record?

HealthEngine is committed to providing you with greater transparency and accessibility to healthcare. By connecting HealthEngine to My Health Record, we can show you all of your centralised health information shared between doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals.


What health information will HealthEngine download from the My Health Record?

HealthEngine will download all information currently available in your My Health Record and display it within the HealthEngine app. No health information is ever permanently stored in the app; HealthEngine will fetch the most up-to-date version of your health information with each connection to My Health Record.


What health information will HealthEngine send to the My Health Record?

HealthEngine will not send any health information to My Health Record.


Will HealthEngine share my health information?

No. HealthEngine will not share your health information from My Health Record with any third parties.


What is My Health Record information?

My Health Record contains your important health information such as allergies, current conditions and treatments, medicine details, pathology reports or diagnostic imaging scan reports, stored in a centralised digital repository. Healthcare providers including doctors, specialists, and hospital staff can see these details online anywhere and anytime, such as during a consultation, or in an accident or emergency.


Is my personal information safe?

HealthEngine fetches data each time you make a request to view My Health Record, and does not store this data within the HealthEngine app or its servers. Each request is authenticated initially with your myGov credentials, and subsequently with a 4-digit PIN that you supply when you first connect the HealthEngine app to My Health Record. Your personal information is safe, so long as you do not provide your login details to others, view your My Health Record information in an untrusted environment, or misplace your device with your My Health Record information open on-screen.


Is HealthEngine compliant with Australian privacy laws?

Yes. HealthEngine's privacy policy can be viewed at

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