About the 'Appointment Types' Interface Follow

The 'Appointment Types' interface allows you to manage your practice's appointment types, including name, length, and which patients it is available for (new, existing, or both). You can also temporarily show/hide your online appointments from this page, either on a per-practitioner basis, or for all practitioners; please note that this is intended for use in emergencies only and does not affect billing.

Specifically, the 'Appointment Types' interface allows you to:

  • Create, edit, and delete appointment types.
  • Edit the name, length, and patient type of appointment types. 
  • Customise appointment types on a per-practitioner basis.
  • Choose the order in which your appointment types appear on the booking form. 

The aim of this feature is to improve practice efficiency by reducing the administrative time associated with contacting HealthEngine's Support team for changes to your appointment types. For more detailed instructions on how to use the 'Appointment Types' interface to configure your practice's appointment types, please click here


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