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What is a recall?

A recall is a communication from a practice to their patient to remind them to book an appointment with the practice for a clinically relevant reason. Examples of recalls include:

  • Request to book an appointment to discuss results (e.g. X-Ray, blood test, etc.)
  • Reminder to book an appointment for a routine test (e.g. skin check, pap smear, etc.)
  • Reminder to book an appointment for immunisations (e.g. tetanus booster, etc.)

Why have I received a recall message?

If you have received a recall message from your practice, this means that you are due to attend for a clinically relevant reason, such as those mentioned above. Your recall message should specify what reason you are being recalled for. It is ultimately up to you to decide if you wish to attend the practice for the reason specified or not, but keep in mind that practices only send recalls when they believe it is in your best interest to attend for your optimal health.

What do I need to do if I have received a recall message?

If you have received a recall message from your practice, the practice should have instructed you on what to do next, whether this is to call the practice to book an appointment, book an appointment online, or do nothing. If you are unsure about what to do, you should contact your practice directly for their advice.

What does a recall SMS look like?

HealthEngine’s Recalls system helps practices to communicate with their patients for the purposes of recalls. This system gives them three options for communication: SMS, letter, or phone call. If you receive an SMS recall via our Recalls system from your practice, it will look something like the below:


To access your recall message, click on the link and enter your details (or the recipient’s details if the SMS was addressed to your child or family member) at the verification screen, which looks something like the below:


You will have 5 attempts to enter the verification details before you are ‘locked out’. This is to ensure that your medical data is kept safe and secure and that someone who shouldn’t be viewing the recall message doesn’t manage to get access to it. If you are unable to verify your details, simply contact the practice by phone to receive your recall message.

Can I opt out of receiving recall SMS?

Given the clinically relevant nature of recall messages, the system does not allow opt-out from receiving SMS. However, you can let your practice know that you would no longer like to receive recall messages by SMS and they can mark you as opted-out in their practice management software. This will not prevent them from sending you SMS recalls through HealthEngine’s Recalls system; however, whenever they attempt to do so, a warning will be displayed to let the practice know that you have opted out and to confirm if they wish to send you the SMS anyway.

What do I do if I don’t want to receive recalls anymore?

If you do not wish to receive recall messages anymore, you should contact your practice directly to let them know. They will then discuss with you what the options are, as this can differ from practice-to-practice.



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