How to Use the 'Appointment Types' Interface Follow

The 'Appointment Types' interface allows you to:

To get started, log in to your Practice Admin account, click on the 'Settings' tab at the bottom-left corner of the page, then click on 'Manage Practitioners' from the menu that opens out. Once in there you can select the appointment types button next to any of your practitioners. Screen_Shot_2019-11-05_at_12.39.05_pm.jpg


When you first open the 'Appointment Types' page, it will look something like the below image, with the names of all of your practitioners that offer online bookings through HealthEngine appearing on the left. 


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Customise Your Appointment Types

All practices start with HealthEngine's default appointment types, which include things like 'Illness' and 'Prescription'; however, with the 'Appointment Types' interface, you can now take control of your appointment types and customise them as suits your practice. 

Appointment types can be added, edited, and deleted from each practitioner, as needed. When adding a new appointment type, the interface will ask which practitioners you would like the appointment type to be added to. Similarly, when deleting an appointment type, you will be asked which practitioners you would like the appointment type deleted from. 

If you have multiple specialties linked to your HealthEngine account, these will be listed in alphabetical order in the main panel of each page in the interface (refer to the image below). 


To customise the appointment types for a specialty, scroll to that specialty in the main panel. Note that appointment types are not automatically duplicated across specialties and thus must be added for each specialty, as required. 

At this point, there are several options for editing the appointment types already associated with your account; you can: 

  • Edit the appointment name
  • Change whether the appointment type is available for existing patients only, new patients only, or both existing and new patients
  • Change the length of the appointment (can be changed separately for new vs. existing patients)
  • Delete the appointment type. 

Additionally, you can add a new appointment type by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the green 'Add Appointment Type' button. 


This will bring up a new row in the table. You can then add a name for the appointment type and set the appointment length, as well as which patients can book the appointment type (new patients, existing patients, or both). Next, click on the green tick icon to the right side of the row to save it. Alternatively, you can click the 'Save All' button at the bottom right of the page to save the new appointment type; however, please note that this will save all changes made on the page since the last save. 


In the example below, the appointment type was named 'New Patient', it was made to only be available for new patients, and it was set to take up 30 minutes in the appointment book. 


Once you save the new appointment type, you will see a pop-up box asking which practitioners you would like to add this appointment type to, as per the below image. 


This will select all practitioners by default, but you can deselect any practitioners whom you do not wish to have the appointment type added to. Note that the practitioner whose menu you were on at the time you clicked the 'Add Appointment Type' button will not appear in the list, as it is assumed that the appointment type should be added to this practitioner. 


Once you have selected which practitioners to add the appointment type to and clicked 'OK', you will be returned to the previous screen (as pictured below) and all changes will have been saved and applied. 


When making changes in the 'Appointment Types' interface, be sure to save any changes you make by either clicking the green tick on each appointment type or by clicking the 'Save All' button at the bottom of the page. 

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Temporarily Disable Online Appointments

The 'Appointment Types' interface also allows you to temporarily disable online appointments at your practice, either on a per-practitioner basis, or for all practitioners. Please note that this is intended for use in emergencies only and does not affect billing. 


Note that when a practitioner has their appointments temporarily hidden, the icon next to their name in the list to the left will turn red and the switch in their menu will change from blue to white, as visible in the image above. 

To re-enable a practitioner's online appointments, simply click on the switch again. 

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Reorder Appointment Types

Finally, you are also able to change the order in which your practice's appointment types appear on the booking form. This allows you to place your more commonly booked appointment types first on the form to make booking online even easier for your patients. 

To do this, simply click and hold on the grip GripIcon.png icon to the left of the appointment type you wish to move. You will then be able to drag the appointment type to where you would like it to appear in the list, as shown below. 


Once the appointment type appears in the right spot, simply let go of the mouse button to drop it there.


After this is complete, you will need to click 'Save All' to save the changes.

Please note that the appointment type order will need to be changed per-practitioner, as required (i.e. when a patient selects a certain practitioner, the order of appointment types they see on the booking form will be as per that practitioner's appointment types order in this interface; however, if they don't select a particular practitioner when booking, the order of appointment types will be a combination of the order for each practitioner, alphabetically). 

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If you have any questions about how to use this interface, please contact our friendly Support team who will be happy to assist. 

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