Why can't I see my appointment when I log in to my account? Follow

There are a few possible reasons why you might not be able to see your appointment when you log into your account. If you are looking on our app, ensure you have given it enough time to load, as the upcoming bookings load slower than your My Care Team. Next, see the reasons below:

  • The first possible reason is that you may not have been logged in at the time that you booked the appointment. In order for appointments to be recorded in your account, you need to be logged in at the time you book the appointment.

  • The second possible reason is that you may have been logged in using a different email address when you booked the appointment than when you are trying to view your appointments. Be sure to use the same email address whenever logging in to your HealthEngine account and when making bookings. Please note, logging in with your Apple ID and hiding your email address, is not the same as logging in with your email address and password - even if that apple id uses the same email address.
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