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The 'Profile Images' feature allows you to add/update/delete your practice's Professional Profile images, including the logo, banner image, and gallery images. To access this feature, navigate to the 'Patient Connect Profile' page under the 'Connections' tab. 

On this page, click on the 'Images' option from the menu on the left. You will see a section each for adding a logo image, a banner image, and gallery images. 


This feature also allows you to add YouTube videos to your Images Gallery alongside the images. Simply find the link of the YouTube video you'd like to add and paste it into the dialogue box that says 'Paste link'. 


In addition, each image or video can have a 'description' added to them, which helps to boost Search Engine results. Image descriptions should basically describe what the image is depicting and include keywords like the practice name, e.g. "Waiting room inside Fictional Health Medical Centre" and "Fictional Health Medical Centre Logo". This field is completely optional, but recommended. 


Note that to update your practice's profile images, there is an approval process whereby our Customer Success team review your requested changes and approve based on our image requirements. These include requirements such as:

  • No copyright/trademark issues with the image/s (e.g. Google Maps images cannot be used)
  • No phone numbers or website addresses in the image/s
  • No inappropriate material in the image/s. 


Once you click 'Save', a notification will be sent to our team summarising the requested changes for our team to review. The turn around for approval should be around 24-48 hours. Once your requested changes have been reviewed and approved, you will receive notification. If your changes do not meet our requirements, the reviewer will be in contact to discuss the reasons and your options moving forward. 

Note: There is a guide to supplying images that can be found here

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