How can I customise my Recalls display? Follow

HealthEngine Recalls now allows you to customise the columns that are displayed in the 'To Action' and 'All Synced Recalls' tab. This is so that you always have the information you need (and only the information you need!) at your fingertips. 

To customise your display, simply click on the blue arrow button to the top right of the recalls table.


This will produce a drop down list of all of the available column options.  


By default, all columns will be selected. Using the drop down list you can pick and choose which columns you do and don't wish to see. To hide a column from your display, simply click on the relevant checkbox to uncheck it.


To show a column in your display, simply click on the relevant checkbox to check it. 

Please note that the column display settings are applied on a per-account basis, so any other staff using HealthEngine Recalls at your practice will be affected by any changes you make.

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