How to Edit your Practice Location Settings Follow

Healthengine uses geolocation features and practice address settings to ensure that a number of our products work correctly. This includes integrated off-platform New Patient Forms and Check-Ins to ensure that patients are only sent one New Patient Form even if your Practice Management Software (PMS) has multiple locations / appointment books, and to verify that patients are at your practice to allow them to check-in for their appointment. If this setting is not configured prior to using New Patient Forms or Check-Ins with multiple sites, these products may not work correctly.


Note: Even if your practice only has one location, you will still need to set your location settings to continue to use New Patient Forms and Check-Ins.


Adding/Editing your Practice Location Settings

To change your Practice Location Settings, please follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to 'Account' in the ‘Account & Help section’ of your Practice Admin, then click on 'Location Settings'.


  1. Check the boxes next to the locations you wish to apply to the current Practice Admin account. 2.png
  2. Click ‘Save changes’.

Common Issues


Duplicate Locations

  • A location can only be linked to one Practice Admin account at a time. If the location is greyed out, you will need to navigate to your other Practice Admin account and remove the location from this Practice Admin account before proceeding.3.png


Inactive Locations

  • Inactive practices are a PMS setting that needs to be managed within the PMS; this cannot be changed in Practice Admin or by Healthengine.





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