Practitioner Policies Follow

What are Practitioner Policies?

In order to be able to communicate to your patients on specific practitioner conditions, preferences or other key information, patients who book via Healthengine's website, app or web plug-in can see relevant practitioner information in the booking flow, also know as practitioner policies.


What do patients see?

Patients see the practitioner policy on the Healthengine network, when they start their booking journey by selecting a practitioner first, rather than a time from the book appointment widget. This is because the practitioner is known at the beginning of the booking flow, whereas time first bookings only have the practitioner assigned once a patient tries to book.


Patients will see the practitioner policy at the start of their booking flow, in both the web and app booking flow.



How can I set these up?

Practitioner policies can be set up and edited from within Practice Admin! This feature is self serve, which means you can edit and change them at will whenever suits you, and they will be published immediately across the Healthengine network (Web, App and Web Plug In where applicable).


Inside Practice Admin, click Appointment set up > Policies > Practitioner policy

In the drop down at the top of the page, make sure you select the practitioner you wish to set a policy up for.


In the Practitioner Policy free text section, you have 300 characters to write important information about your practitioner that patients should know prior to booking. This could be information about bulk billing, patient eligibility, or conditions of the practitioner such as their inability to see patients from their previous clinic. Most practices choose to put eligibility criteria in this section, as it helps the patient make the best choice about if this practitioner is suitable for them.


Please note, Healthengine monitors these policies to ensure they comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. 

If you have any questions, or need any help please contact Healthengine support

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