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Do you have patients calling up querying about a text message from Healthengine?

Do you have a patient calling up about a Healthengine booking?

Has a patient called you about an open recall?


Our Patient Search feature can help you!  

Available as part of your product suite as of Wednesday 26th April.. 

By entering in the patient's mobile number into the text field and searching, we'll populate any results for Healthengine bookings, reminders SMS and/or recall SMS that relate to the specified mobile number. 

 If there are any results for any of the above 3 categories, we'll provide you with a link to the relevant page so you can look into the result further.


For example, if a recall SMS result populates, we'll provide you with a link to open the individual recall in the Recalls section of Practice Admin, and view the full contact history for that specific recall. 


We're also looking into adding more Healthengine products, like New Patient Form SMS, to the result categories over the upcoming months. 


The Patient Search page can be found under the Resources section of Practice Admin or accessed via the Patient Search under the Alerts tab in your Sidebar. 

If you don't currently use our Sidebar, you can download and set it up by following the Sidebar User Guide


For our integrated practices, the Availability tab of our Sidebar will be used as read-only when it comes to your appointments but the Links tab will still be relevant, along with the added bonus of Healthengine releasing new alert types that relate to integrated practices over the upcoming months. 


These new alert types include: 

  • Alerts relating to patient record matching and creating new patient records in the PMS 
  • Alerts and functionality relating to New Patient Forms 

More information about our Sidebar and what's coming can be viewed on our Sidebar - New look, improved navigation article.


This is what the page looks like when there are results for all categories for the mobile number you have specified.


This is what the page looks like when there are results for Bookings and no results for the other categories for the mobile number you have specified.

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