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A Simple Guide to Optimising Your Practitioner Profile

It’s no secret we’re all on our smartphones. A lot. Seventy-seven percent of Australians use their phones to search for a reputable clinic when they want to get treatment.

On average Australians perform 3.1 searches before booking online, and typically seek information about appointment availability, prices and directions1.

Healthengine profiles are perfectly structured to provide all that information to your patients.

This is why you need to be visible to potential patients on search engines like Google (93% of search engine use in Australia is with Google)2. The art of boosting your visibility is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

To make the most of your Healthengine profile, we bring you some smart, no-nonsense tips on SEO.




Writing a Great Overview for Your Patients

At Healthengine, we’ve spent a great amount of time talking to patients and performing consumer-focused research to understand the key things that patients look for when trying to decide which health practice they can trust.


Why is a good overview important for your Healthengine profile?

  • It gives the searcher a clear idea of who you are, your credentials and the range of conditions you can treat and manage. This is key information for someone on the hunt for a medical professional. Listing special interests is also important for searchers with a more specific health issue. Remember, people generally search for clinics online when they have an issue that needs medical attention.
  • An overview with the right keywords can really help boost SEO, helping your clinic appear higher in Google’s search results.
  • Remember, a good overview can make or break a searcher’s decision to choose your clinic1. An overview takes precedence over things like location, pricing and hours in the patient’s order of research importance.

What exactly should the overview include?

  • Doctor’s name with title, 1-2 lines on qualifications & credentials, and 1-2 sentences about career and accomplishments.

The first thing you should be clear about are your credentials and qualifications.

‘MBBS’ or ‘RACGP’ might appear like jargon, but to some searchers these represent trust and credibility. Add a brief one-sentence bio (eg. Dr Smith has over 20 years’ experience as a GP…). Write this in the third person.

  • Special medical interests, e.g. Cold & Flu, Women’s Health, Root Canals, Minor Surgery etc. Don’t be afraid to list up to 10-15 areas, just as long as they are in bullet format.




Always remember, patients search online for a clinic when they have a problem that needs medical attention. If a patient is concerned about a new mole, for instance, they will probably be drawn to a clinic that explicitly mentions a special interest in ‘Skin Cancer’. Or if a patient is experiencing a bout of flu and your profile lists ‘Cold and Flu’ as a focus area, the person would have saved time on research and will be more likely to book an appointment2.

  • Keywords. These play a critical role in improving your profile rank on Google and other search engines. Using “dentist” as an example, here’s how keyword formats should appear throughout your profile: 
    • Dentist + your city (eg. Dentist Sydney, Sydney dentist)
    • Dentist + your suburb (eg. Dentist Bankstown, Bankstown dentist)
    • Dental clinic + your suburb (eg. Smith’s Dental Clinic Bankstown, Bankstown Smith’s Dental Clinic)
    • Dental issue and dental clinic + your suburb (eg. Dental caries Smith’s Dental Clinic Bankstown)
    • Dental specialists + your city (eg. Orthodontist Sydney, Sydney Orthodontist)
    • Dental specialists + your suburb (eg. Orthodontist Bankstown, Bankstown Orthodontist)
    • Dentist + your state (eg. Dentist New South Wales, New South Wales Dentist)
    • Dental treatment + your city (eg. Fillings Sydney, Sydney Fillings)
    • Dental issue + dentist + your suburb (eg. Dental Caries Dentist Bankstown)
    • Dental issue + treatment + city (eg. Dental Caries Fillings Sydney)
  • Include a photo. A professional and welcoming photo can give a strong first impression. It also provides that important ‘human’ feel to the page. Tip: A professional photographer is recommended for this step.
  • Feel free to add personal information, such as hobbies, to the page (optional).






1. Google Micro-Moments Guide available here.

2. Search Engines Market Share in Australia available here.

Screenshots are provided as examples only and the information may change over time. Please refer to the practitioner's profile on for their up-to-date information.

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