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In your Calendar, you have the ability to book appointments for walk-in patients or patients who call over the phone. In this article, we'll show you how to make a bookings for these patients in multiple scenarios!

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To begin creating a booking for a patient at the practice or over the phone, simply navigate to the 'Appointments setup' tab in your Practice Admin and select 'Calendar' to bring up your Calendar view.


Following this, navigate to the day you wish to book the patient in and click into the corresponding schedule to bring up its available slots. 

To find out how to create schedules, read our Help Centre article, How to Manage Availability in Calendar.

From here, click on the 3 vertical dots beside an appointment slot and then select 'Book Appointment'.

This will take you to a new page with the Healthengine Booking form so you can begin making this booking for your patient (this is the same booking form patients see when completing a booking themselves).




Making a booking for one patient

When creating a booking for a singular patient, you will be asked a series of questions in which you will need to answer as the patient themselves. The first question is whether this appointment is for the patient themselves or someone else - in this scenario, you will need to select 'Myself'.

This will then prompt the question whether they are a new or existing patient at your practice, select the required answer.

Then, select the appointment type the patient needs and finally click 'Continue'.


Following this, you will need to fill out the patient's details in the form as shown below and click 'Continue'.

Please note: Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.




A Patient wants to make a booking for someone else

There are a few scenarios you may come across when a patient wants to book an appointment on someone else's behalf. These can include:

  • A parent making a booking for their child
  • A caregiver who needs to make a booking for their dependant
  • A person making a booking for a friend or family member who may have difficulties booking online
  • A person who doesn't have either a mobile phone or email address to complete the booking

When making this type of booking for a patient, you'll be going through the same process as described above however, a few of the answers will change. 

When asked whether this appointment is for the patient themselves or someone else, you will need to select 'Someone else'.

Select if they are a new or existing customer to the store and finally the appointment type this customer needs.

In this section, the final question you'll need to answer is who will receive the booking confirmation and reminder emails. 

Please note: This will immediately default to patient, so double check this before selecting 'Continue'.

Finally, just as in the previous scenario, you will need to fill in the details of the person that is making a booking on behalf of the patient and select their form of payment.




Adding multiple bookings to the same appointment slot

Sometimes you may need to add more than one booking to the same time slot if, for example, there is a family or group booking.

You will be able to access this feature once the first booking has been made, or if there is already an existing booking in the time slot you want to use.

To do this, navigate to your Calendar and click on the necessary schedule. In this pop-up, click on the 3 vertical dots of the appointment time you require and then select '+ Book new patient' as seen below:

Once this has been selected, it will open up a new booking form where you will enter the new patient's details.

When you go back to the schedule and click on the refresh icon, you can see the duplicate slot that has been created at that time in preparation for the additional booking.



If you require any assistance with making a booking for a customer, reach out to our friendly Support Team via chat, phone or email

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