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The 'Availability' page shows all of the available appointments currently published online for each practitioner. Please note that you cannot view past appointment availability, only current and future availability. 

Appointments shown are read-only, unless you are using the Sidebar*. If you're using the Sidebar, you can use this section to manage your online availability manually.

If you are integrated with HealthEngine, this page is only for informational purposes; please manage your appointment availability through your Practice Management Software (PMS). Should you require any assistance, please contact our Support team via support@healthengine.com.au. 

*Sidebar is a program that allows practices to manually publish appointments when we are unable to integrate with their Practice Management Software. 



You can browse your online appointment availability day-by-day using the 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons, or jump to a specific date using the 'Select date' calendar. 


Adding appointments (Sidebar users only)

Click the blue 'Add appointments' button under the name of the practitioner you want to add appointments for.


Then follow the prompts to create an appointment, or to create a block of appointments.



Delete appointments (Sidebar users only)

To delete appointments for a whole day or ALL appointments, click the 'Delete all appointments' button.


When you click the 'Delete all appointments' button, it will then display a box which gives you the option to select either the current day or ALL days for deleting appointments, as per the screenshot below. 



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