How to get bookings from your Facebook page Follow


This guide will show you how to take bookings from your Facebook page by creating a pinned post in Facebook with your booking URL.


How to get your booking URL

To get a booking URL for your practice, you first need to locate your practice ID. This can be found by logging into your practice admin portal, and viewing the URL. Please see the example below:


This URL is taken from the practice admin home page, and in the example above 94578 is the practice ID. To create your booking URL, add your practice ID to the end of the following URL:


How to add a pinned post 

To add a pinned post to Facebook, create a Facebook post with your booking URL. For example, "Please click here to Book Online:"


Once your post is created, click the dots shown in the top right hand corner and select to pin the post to the top of the page.




It will then show as a pinned post at the top of your page so patients can easily see it, and it will not be moved further down the page as you add more recent posts. 

Patients can then click the link to book an appointment. 


NOTE: You should always use the booking URL and not link directly to your Healthengine profile as that may incur additional charges per new patient booking depending on your subscription.



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