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Excluding activities in ZedMed from online bookings

During configuration of the Appointment Connector, we can set selected activities to be blacklisted from the HealthEngine Online Booking System.

This can be useful for many reasons including...

  • On-the-day appointments: If you wish to have same day appointments available at your practice that are not published online, simply create an activity called ONTHEDAY or BOOKONDAY and our support team can blacklist it from being published online. You'll need to let us know once you've created the activity so that we can update your configuration. We will need access to your server computer to reconfigure for you. Ensure you have TeamViewer downloaded prior to contacting us. 
  • Multiple specialties: Some practitioners in your practice might offer multiple specialties, but only want the main/initial consultation to be available to the public to book online. Just blacklist the specialties and leave the main one available.

If you notice there is missing availability not showing online, always check that it is not an activity that has been blacklisted, and if so, you can change the activity in your PMS or contact us to remove the blacklist for that activity and have the availability show. 

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