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There are many reasons why availability might not show up online. This article shows you a few things you can check in Best Practice to make sure everything is correctly setup on your end.


Manually created availability

Creating appointments manually in Best Practice will cause them not to be published on HealthEngine. This is done by right-clicking in the appointment book and choosing 'Available'.

Signs thatindicate that this is the the problem include:

  • Missing availability that is not consistent on a certain day from week to week. It is random in respect to the day and time that is missing.

The HealthEngine system will publish any available appointment within a standard or special session that is created for a practitioner. Any availability that has been created manually in the appointment book (as shown above) before a standard or special session is created will void the availability within that session.

For example, if a practitioner has manual availability created within the appointment book between 8am and 10am on a Monday, and a standard session is then created for Mondays from 8am until 5pm over the top of this, the time between 8am and 10am will not be shown online. 

In order to fix this issue the session must be deleted, the manual availability must be 'undone' and the session then re-created.

 The following steps must be competed in this exact order...

  1. In the main screen of Best Practice go to Setup > Sessions.
  2. Choose the practitioner with the missing availability.
  3. Select the session that's missing availability and write down the details so you know how to recreate it later.
  4. Now delete that session. It won't affect existing appointments.
  5. Close the sessions window and open the appointment book.
  6. Look in the appointment book for the problem practitioner, date or time, and you will see that the practitioner in question still looks available (white slots will be seen). Right click on each white cell and choose 'Unavailable'. IMPORTANT: When you do that, the slot should turn plain grey with no text inside. If it has 'Unavailable' written in it you are making a real session unavailable - it could be a special session.
  7. Once you have removed all manually created availability in the appointment book, go back to the main screen of Best Practice, Setup > Sessions, choose the practitioner and re-create the session using the details from step 3.
  8. The missing availability should show within a short period (up to one hour).


Sessions misconfigured

Below are some things to check in Best Practice that could be affecting online availability.

  • Make sure the correct 'location' is selected for every session, and for every practitioner. If the location is set to 'default' it will not be displayed online. 
  • Check all the settings thoroughly including the appointment length, start and finish dates, week cycles and cycle start date.
  • Check each practitioners 'extra sessions', 'days away', and 'on the day' appointments as these may affected your online availability.
  • Check 'on the day' appointments in 'practice defaults' as these will have an effect on the online availability for all practitioners.


Is the service running?

On the server where the Best Practice database is installed. You should see a HealthEngine icon in the system tray.

If you right click on this icon you will see a message that says 'Service is running' or 'Service is not running'. If it's not running, try selecting 'Start service' and see if that fixes the problem.

If you don't see the icon in the system tray you might need to open the HealthEngine Appointment Connector icon again. Don't forget to click the little up arrow to see more icons in the system tray (if you have a little arrow), the little arrow looks like this...

If the HealthEngine icon is still not visible, go to Start menu > All Programs > HealthEngine Appointment Connector > Systray Monitor. The HealthEngine icon should appear in your system tray.


Recent changes to locations, practitioners or new practitioners

Any changes to a practitioner's name, standard appointment length or location name will create a new instance in the setup at HealthEngine and will result in the practitioners appointments going offline.

In these circumstances, just let us know via email or chat so that we can update our system and ensure that your appointments are kept online.


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