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This article covers the common troubleshooting involving Genie integration. Three main areas are covered: 


HTTP Server has stopped

We've found that after updating Genie, the HTTP server settings revert to default values and the HTTP server might not start automatically. It's a simple fix if you know what the values are supposed to be; otherwise, we'll cover how to find them.

Firstly, go to Genie Server Administration and click on 'HTTP Server'. Here are the things to check or take note of:

  • HTTP server - State: Started
  • SOAP Requests: Accepted
  • HTTP Port: This can be the standard 80 if it's a PC, but for a Mac server it must greater than 1000
  • The standard HTTPS port is 443, for Mac it should be greater than 1000
  • Take note of the 'Listening to IP' value(s).

If the HTTP server is not started, simply click the button to start it.


If you had to manually start the HTTP server, there is a setting to make sure you don't have to continually start it any time the server is restarted or something goes wrong. In Genie server, go to Edit > Database Settings > Structure Settings, and click on the Web tab.

This is where you change settings for the web server. To make sure the web server starts up automatically when Genie starts, check the box 'Launch Web Server at Startup'.

This is also where you can change the port numbers. Make any changes you require and click ok.

IMPORTANT: If you changed any other settings in that section (other than checking the checkbox), you will need to restart the HTTP server. To do that, go back to the main screen and into the HTTP Server tab. Stop the HTTP Server, wait a few seconds, then Start it again. You should notice the value below change to your new settings. If you skip this step it will continue to run with the old settings.

If you're still having trouble getting appointments to show online, you might have something misconfigured, or something might have gone wrong with the Appointment Connector. Check other tutorials for something more relevant to your specific issue.


Bookings keep failing

If you find bookings keep failing, it may be worth checking the tick box for 'Allow Patient Records to be Created' is still ticked. If this its unticked, no new patients can book, and for existing patients if the patient details do not match exactly as they are in Genie, the booking will fail. 



Creating Availability 

For Genie integration, availability is managed by creating slots in your genie appointment book with the appointment type that was set up for you at your time of installation. Generally this is a type named 'Healthengine', however it is possible to use any appointment type so it is best to check with the person who went through your installation call, or check with our support team. 

The appointment type used must be ticked to be available online.



If you have any further questions regarding your Genie integration, please contact our friendly support team.


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