How can I update my details for future bookings? Follow

When you’re logged in on our homepage, you will see a button with your initials on it at the top right. Click on that to bring up a drop down menu and choose the ‘profiles’ option.



This will take you to a page where you can add and see all your profiles. Click the arrow next to the profile you wish to update so that you make it easier to book future appointments without having to enter details.



You can also edit previously added details from this page. 




Don't forget to save when you are done!




Please note, that if you are trying to update the mobile number for your primary account holder profile, and it has already been verified, it can only be changed on our app. If you have not yet used our app, please ensure that you have first verified your email here before opening the app, if not the option to change your mobile number in the passcode setup will not appear. 


Please note that updating your details on Healthengine will not update your patient file at any practices you have booked with in the past. You should also contact your practice directly to ensure that your patient file is up to date as that will ensure any practice powered communication from us is sent to your new contact details. 

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