How can I update my details for future bookings? Follow

Once in the HealthEngine app, tap on the user icon at the top right of the screen. Under ‘ACCOUNT AND PROFILES’, you can either edit an existing profile (by tapping on it to see the options) or add a new one. To make a new profile, simply complete the form that comes up after selecting 'Add Profile'. 



Using multiple profiles is a really easy way to book appointments for your kids or other family members without having to type in all of their details every single time you want to make a booking.

While booking an appointment, it will ask you who the appointment is for. If you’ve already made some profiles, all you have to do is select which one you want to use when booking an appointment. You can also select 'Someone else' to manually enter new details for a patient you don't yet have a profile for. 


Please note: While you can edit most profile details in the App, you are unable to change the email address for the primary account profile at the top of the ACCOUNT AND PROFILES list as this is your login email. To update your login email you must visit our website to make the change.

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