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What is the benefit of the patient communication product?

It is to educate your patients on the availability of online bookings at your practice. As more patients know about the service, more and more are likely to book online, especially after hours when your practice has closed. It makes your practice more accessible, increases patient loyalty, and can also bring about major efficiency boosts at your front desk.

With patients booking online, your front desk staff will have more time to focus on patients within the practice. You’ll also be offering a better healthcare experience for your patient with more accessible booking and better care in the practice.


How much does the patient communication product cost?

HealthEngine automatically sets up the patient communication product when you sign up to our Online Booking System and have installed the integration client. This complimentary SMS/Email to your patients is valued at approximately $450 and informs the patient that your practice takes online bookings.


Who sends the SMS messages and emails?

HealthEngine sends the SMS messages and emails on your practice’s behalf. All communications are branded to appear as though they come directly from your practice. The patient will receive the communication 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Also, there is a maximum of 3 messages sent to an individual patient for the 1st, 2nd and 4th visit to the same practice. It's likely the patient will receive their communication while they are in the waiting room.


Why do you link the patient to the HealthEngine app?

We have optimised the HealthEngine app for maximum patient engagement when viewed on mobile phones. Previous patient communication product trials have shown that patients are more likely to engage and book on their mobile when directed to the HealthEngine app rather than to your website. As such, we have put this policy in place in order to maximise the efficacy of the product. 


I insist on linking my patients to my website/app instead. Will you do this for me?

We can tailor the patient communication product such that we link to your website/app instead of the HealthEngine app. However, due to the custom work involved, this will come at a cost of 7.5 cents per SMS sent and 3 cents per email sent. 


What if I am an OBS-only practice? What will you link to?

We will link directly to the HealthEngine app. As an OBS-only practice, your patients can find and book appointments with you via the HealthEngine app. This is not considered a custom product and will not attract a charge.


How do you get the contact details of my patients?

With your consent, we can instruct the HealthEngine Online Booking System to securely fetch the mobile number and email address of your patients.


What if my practice management software (PMS) is not integrated with HealthEngine?

We rely on the link between HealthEngine and your PMS to securely fetch the mobile number and email address of your patients. If your PMS is not integrated with HealthEngine, we are unable to offer this patient communication product to you at this point in time. 


Which practice management system (PMS) is compatible with this patient communication product?

In conjunction with your use of the HealthEngine Online Booking System, your practice needs to run one of the following PMS in order for us to securely fetch your patients' mobile phone number and email address:

  • Best Practice
  • PracSoft
  • Zedmed

The following PMS - while compatible with the HealthEngine link system - are not currently compatible with this patient communication product:

  • Practice 2000
  • PPMP
  • Front Desk 
  • Genie
  • Cliniko
  • Coreplus
  • MedTech
  • Communicare


I am concerned about the security and privacy of patient data.

HealthEngine’s standard data security and privacy policies apply. In this particular instance, we only fetch the mobile number and email address of your patients for the sole purpose of performing this patient communication product. No other identifying information or medical information is sought in this process.

All information is transmitted securely to HealthEngine, and no information is ever passed on to a third-party.

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