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Recurring active schedules can now be viewed via the Calendar Display Box, located on the right-hand side of your Calendar page under the Appointment setup section of your Practice Admin portal. 



This article goes over the below topics: 


How do I see an active recurring schedule for one of my rooms?

Your active recurring schedules are categorised by room name; to view the active, recurring schedules for a specific room, you click on the down arrow next to the room name you're after in the Calendar Display Box. This will show you a list of all active, recurring schedules for this specific room.

You can also edit any schedule listed in this display box by clicking the pencil icon; here you can edit your recurring schedule's days, times, repeat frequency or you can delete the whole schedule. 



Why am I seeing an (inactive) room in the Calendar Display Box?

The Calendar Display Box shows all rooms that have an active, recurring schedule created for it.

If you have an inactive room showing, that means there's an active, recurring schedule that exists against that room; you can edit and delete this schedule by

  • Click on the down arrow against the room's name
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the schedule
  • From here you can edit and delete the relevant schedule, as you normally would  



How do I hide the Calendar Display Box?

If you'd like to hide the Calendar Display Box to get a wider view of your Calendar, or maybe you just don't like it, you can do so by going to 'Filter view' and unticking 'Repeat appointment schedules'.

Unticking the 'Repeat appointment schedules' filter will automatically hide the Calendar Display Box from view.



I hid the Calendar Display Box, how can I make it reappear?

To view a hidden Calendar Display Box, go to the 'Filter view' and tick the 'Repeat appointment schedules' box; The Calendar Display Box will automatically reappear when the 'Repeat appointment schedules' box is ticked.



Can I view my once-off active schedules in the Calendar Display Box?

No, only your active, recurring schedules will appear in the Calendar Display Box.


Can I view my blocked schedules in the Calendar Display Box?

Not at this stage; this will be an improvement to be released in the future. 


How do I create a schedule in Calendar?

You can view and edited existing active, recurring schedules in the Calendar Display Box.

To create availability in Calendar, we recommend you go to our article on How to Manage Availability in Calendar to walk through how to do this. 

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