Is it possible to add multiple family members to one user account? Follow

Yes - to save yourself from having to re-enter the details of your family member each time you book an appointment for them, we have enabled user accounts to have multiple profiles attached to them. 


To do this, you must first create an account with HealthEngine and an account for yourself. Simply follow the prompts. Once this is complete, it is then possible to create additional profiles for your family members. To do so, click on your user name in the top right corner of any HealthEngine webpage and select 'My Profiles' (see image below). 

Once there, you will see a drop down box within the blue 'My Profiles' bar (towards the top left of the screen) with your name on it. Click on the drop down box, then click on 'New Profile...' (see image below).

Fill in the details as prompted and click 'Save Profile'. Now, whenever you make a booking, you can choose which profile/person you want to book the appointment for by clicking on the drop down box that says 'Book this appointment for' (see image below). 


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