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The Healthengine Recalls system is a complete recall system designed to help your practice effectively and affordably deliver positive clinical outcomes to your patients. With SMS, letter and phone call notification options, the Healthengine Recalls feature ensures that you are able to contact your patients in a way that best suits them! 

Accessing Recalls

Those with the Practice Efficiency Suite subscription will have free access to the Recalls feature which can be found in your Practice Admin under 'Care' and then selecting 'Recalls'.
To activate this feature, simply select 'Activate Recalls' as seen in the images below:

Screenshot 2024-07-15 at 1.19.53 PM.pnghelp centre.png



If you do not have this subscription but would like the Recalls feature, you will see the option to select 'Request Recalls' as shown in the image below. You can also reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will help arrange this for you!

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The Recalls Interface

In Healthengine's Recall Interface you'll be able to manage and monitor all of your recalls activity from one central location. From here, you will have the opportunity to contact patients quickly and reliably for their required follow-up appointment using our secure SMS, letter and/or phone calls option.

The Recall Interface has several tabs to help you easily manage and monitor your recalls. The primary ‘To Action’ tab, is where all recalls that are due appear for actioning. Once a recall is actioned from the ‘To Action’ tab, it is sent to the ‘Synced Recalls’ tab. The recall will stay open in 'Synced Recalls' until:

  • The doctor or nurse marks the recall as given, contacted, or performed in the Practice Management System (PMS). This will hide the recall completely from the HealthEngine Recalls system.

  • The recall is marked as 'No further action required' in HealthEngine Recalls.
    This will archive the recall (appears ‘greyed out’) and will stay in the ‘Synced Recalls’ tab until it’s due date falls outside of the date range settings, at which time it will no longer appear in the system. 

  • The patient books an appointment with the practice. Following this, you are able to archive the recall as complete by clicking ‘No Further Action Required’ on that recall.
    Please note: This will prevent the recall from returning to the ‘To Action’ screen ever again, so it's important to ensure that the appointment the patient booked is for the purpose of the recall before archiving it.


If the patient doesn’t book an appointment or the recall isn’t given, the recall will be sent back to ‘To Action’ tab after a set number of days depending on the communication method used to attempt contact.
The number of days the system will wait until moving a recall back into the ‘To Action’ tab is determined by your Recalls settings - for more information on Recalls settings, check out our Help Centre article, Explanation of the Recalls Preferences Page.

This process will repeat until the recall is archived either manually after the patient books an appointment or by the doctor marking the recalls as complete/given/performed in the PMS.

Please Note: Recalls for patients who are marked as 'Inactive' or 'Deceased' on their patient record will not appear in the HealthEngine Recalls system.


The green ‘Sync Recalls’ button is used to synchronise the data between HealthEngine Recalls and your Practice Management Software (PMS). Any changes that occur in your PMS will not appear in HealthEngine Recalls until this button is clicked. We recommend clicking the ‘Sync Recalls’ button at the start of each day and anytime you wish to see new changes from your PMS in the HealthEngine Recalls system.


The tabs shown in the image above are sections where your actioned recalls will appear until they are manually actioned/removed in regards to Letters and Calls or sent in regards to the SMS.


Customise your Recalls Display

HealthEngine Recalls allows you to customise the columns that are displayed in the 'To Action' and 'All Synced Recalls' tab  so that you always have the information you need at your fingertips!

To customise your display, simply click on the arrow beside 'Hide or display columns' to the top right of the recalls table.


From here, a drop down list of options will appear as seen above. By default, all columns will be selected. Using the drop down list you can pick and choose which columns you do and don't wish to see. To hide a column from your display, simply click on the relevant checkbox to uncheck it.

Please Note: The column display settings are applied on a per-account basis, so any other staff using HealthEngine Recalls at your practice will be affected by any changes you make.


Types of Recall Communication

There are many ways in which your practice can send recalls to your patients through the Healthengine Recalls feature which keeps track of all your recall activity for you. By doing so, we make sure that every action is automatically recorded against the patient's file in your Practice Management System, along with user and date information - this ensures that your practice is fully compliant with the RACGP Standards. 


Our inbuilt SMS functionality allows you to see and track the progress of a recall and scans the appointment book for a patient's past and future appointments, giving you a complete view of a recall's progress. This is all recorded against the patient file for complete record keeping and transparency. 


Calls are an integral part of the recalls process - through Healthengine's Recalls feature you can manage and make a record of your calls to your patients. This information is also stored in the patient's file to ensure that you have a complete record for all of your recall activity for each patient. 


If a patient doesn't have a mobile number or if they don't answer their phone, letters can be sent as easily as an SMS. 

Doctor Attention Required

There are times when a doctor needs to provide direction on a recall. If a patient hasn't responded or is refusing to return to the practice you will be able to easily flag a recall for a doctor's attention and to act on their directions. 

For more information on how to use Healthengine's Recalls feature, you can find a guided list at Help Centre - Recalls

If you are interested in Healthengine's Recalls but don't have the necessary subscription with HealthEngine, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our friendly Customer Support Team via phone, chat or email

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