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What are the benefits of using the Healthengine Recalls system?

Healthengine recalls helps practices to save time and money. When factoring in the cost of postage stamps, envelopes, staff wages, and so on, the average practice will spend around $500 per month for processing recalls. Healthengine Recalls is available with our Practice Efficiency Suite Subscription - You can review our plans here. 
The time saved on printing lists, and on folding and sending letters means that practices can spend more time focusing on delivering better patient care and less time on administrative tasks. 

Healthengine Recalls integrates seamlessly with Best Practice, Medical Director/PracSoft and Zedmed Practice Management Systems, eliminating the need for any manual data entry. The system also records a note in the patient file when they have viewed the recall message and whether they have made a booking. Such notes are not only helpful for administration, but for auditing purposes too. 


How does the Healthengine Recalls SMS function work?

Practices are able to create patient lists based on information within their PMS, and send a recall to an individual, or perform a bulk action (whereby multiple patients will receive an SMS recall, i.e. for pap smears or breast screens). 

Healthengine sends an automated link straight to the patient's mobile device, via secure SMS, which initiates a three-point identity check. When the patient verifies their identity, they will see details of the electronic recall and can book an appointment instantly, via the practice's Online Booking System. 

Any attempt by the practice to contact a patient is recorded in the patient file. Additionally, all patient interaction with the recall message is recorded in the patient record, i.e. message delivered, message read, appointment booked. 


What will the SMS message look like?

Healthengine works from the following template for SMS messages.


The URL links the patient to the recall message. 


How do you verify a patient's identity?

Healthengine uses the following verification template for the patient identity check. A patient is required to input their date of birth and postcode as recorded in the patient file of the PMS. 

If, after multiple attempts, the patient is unable to verify their identity, they will be prompted to contact the practice directly. 



Can I still send letters with Healthengine Recalls?

Yes, Healthengine Recalls has an in-built letter function, allowing practices to create, print and track letters. 


What PMS is compatible with Healthengine Recalls?

In conjunction with your use of the Healthengine Online Booking System, your practice needs to run Best Practice, Medical Director/PracSoft or Zedmed in order for us to securely fetch your recalls and reminders. 

The following Practice Management Software, while compatible with the Healthengine Online Booking System, are not currently compatible with the HealthEngine Recalls system:

  • Cliniko
  • Communicare
  • Coreplus
  • Front Desk
  • Genie
  • Medtech
  • PPMP

We also recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser when accessing Healthengine Recalls to get the most out of our recalls system. 


I am concerned about the security and privacy of patient data.

Healthengine's data security and privacy policies apply. In this particular instance, we sync your recalls for the sole purpose of facilitating practice-patient communication. All information is transmitted securely to Healthengine, and no information is every passed on to a third-party. 


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