Adding and Editing Practitioners Follow

To add a practitioner to your practice profile, or to edit an existing practitioner's details, navigate to the Connections section on the left-hand side and select 'Patient Connect Profile' from the menu.


Then, click on 'Practitioner profiles' along the top of the screen.


You may add and edit public profiles for your practitioners. To add a new practitioner, click the blue 'Add practitioner' button at the top right of the page. 


This will bring up a screen in which you can enter the new practitioner's title, first name, last name, and specialty.


You can also decide whether or not you would like to add this practitioner to online bookings if you have one or both of the Online Booking System or Patient Match products. 



*Please note, that the next steps do not apply if you have multiple locations - For single locations, please proceed through the following steps:

Select an appointment book from your Practice Management Software to connect to HealthEngine: This is the practitioner's availability log from your Practice Management Software


Once these details are filled in, click 'Add Practitioner'. The below new screen will come up in which you can edit the title and name just entered, plus add additional details, including a photo, qualifications, specialties, languages, and more. The completion of these fields is optional and you can come back to edit these settings at any time. 





- If you have linked the new practitioner to an appointment book in your Practice Management Software, appointments can take between 1-2 hours to publish online. 

- If you do not have the option to link to an appointment book in your Practice Management Software, appointments will take up to 1-2 business days to publish. 

- HealthEngine defaults to not accepting public holidays. If you have the option to link to an appointment book in your Practice Management Software, you can enable or disable public holidays for individual practitioners through your PracticeAdmin portal by following the instructions on our 'Managing Your Public Holiday Hours' article.

- If your practice is open on public holidays and you do not have the option to link to an appointment book in your Practice Management Software, please ensure that you notify our Customer Support Team that you would like the new practitioner enabled for public holidays at  

Please note, if you wish to have a practitioner deleted from your HealthEngine profile and/or removed from online bookings, please log into your PracticeAdmin portal and follow the below instructions: 


1. Go to the Connections tab on the left-hand side menu

2. Select 'Patient Connect Profile'

3. Go to 'Practitioner profiles'

4. Edit the relevant practitioner by selecting the pencil icon on the right-hand side 


 5. Click 'Remove practitioner' 



6. and voila! your practitioner has now been removed from your listing. 


If the Remove practitioner button does not appear for you, please send the request to our Customer Support Team at with the practice name, and which practitioner you would like removed from your listing. 

Alternatively, to edit an existing practitioner profile, simply click on the pencil icon to the right of their name (pictured below). 


This will bring you to a page where you can add to and/or edit the practitioner's details as needed. 


Note: Practitioner overviews are not currently a self-serve feature. If you would like to add edit or remove a practitioner's overview, please email the change request through to our Customer Support Team at 

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