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Availability not showing? 

There are a few things to look at, where the problem lies will depend on whether it is all availability that is not showing or just the availability for a certain practitioner. 

All availability?

  • In Cliniko, check Settings > Business Information > Edit business information > Online Bookings. Make sure the checkbox is on for 'Display this business in online bookings'. Also, check that your business has a postcode listed here. 
  • Check Settings > Appointments > Online Bookings. Make sure the checkbox is on for 'Turn on Online Bookings'.


Certain practitioner(s) availability?

  • Go to Settings > Our clinic > Users & practitioners
    • Select the practitioner that has missing availability.
    • Check the timezone
    • Take note of the Default appointment type in their practitioner settings
          (If it is N/A, we will not pick up that practitioner. The default should be set as your shortest length appointment type.)
    • Make sure they're switched on for online bookings
  • Go to Settings > Appointment types
    • Select the practitioner's default appointment type that you took note of, and make sure it's checked on for 'Show in online bookings'

Please note that all your practitioners' appointment types on HealthEngine should be the length of your default appointment type or longer.


Only showing a portion of the practitioner's availability in logs?

  • If you have confirmed that the practitioner's breaks and schedules are set up correctly in Cliniko
    • Go into Settings > Appointments > Online Bookings:
    • Change the 'Max appointments per day segment' to unlimited
      • If this setting is set to 3 it will display availability one available slot at the start of the day, one in the middle and one at the end of the day



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