Why did I receive a verification code SMS? Follow

What are verification codes and why are they needed?


HealthEngine uses verification codes to confirm bookings made via our online booking service. Verification codes are short, 4 digit codes that are sent to a person’s mobile by SMS after they’ve requested a booking.

There are several reasons that HealthEngine uses verification codes to confirm bookings and why we send them only by SMS. These include:

  • SMS is the fastest and most secure portal by which to send the code
  • By requiring a verification code for all requested appointments, less accidental/faulty appointments will be made.
  • Verification codes also prevent ‘bots’ from spamming fake appointments and thus, by requiring these codes, our system is more secure.
  • To ensure practices have your correct contact number. 


If you received a verification code but did not make a booking, another patient may have entered your number by mistake. They will not be able to proceed with the booking until they correct their number, so please disregard the codes that are sent. 

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