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What are the costs involved?

Activating and setting up Stripe payments with Healthengine is completely free, and included in your PES Plus or GP complete bundle!

As Healthengine uses Stripe as an external 3rd party payments platform, we charge a per transaction fee to cover the costs associated with managing and taking transactions.


If I already have a Stripe account, can I register that with Healthengine?

Unfortunately no. In order to ensure that your practice gets your funds deposited correctly, you need to have a Stripe account that is linked to Healthengine. The only way to ensure this happens is to create a Stripe account through Healthengine’s practice admin, and follow the instructions listed above for onboarding.


If I already have Healthengine Scripts enabled with a Stripe account, can I use that Stripe ID?

Unfortunately not. Even if you already have a Stripe account, you will still need to create a new one for Healthengine payments. You can do this as part of the onboarding flow in Practice Admin.


For post payment appointments, how long do I have to collect a patient payment?

Post payment collection is at the discretion of the practice, and can be done any time from 1 hour before the appointment start time, and up to 28 days post the appointment. After this time has passed, you will need to contact the patient directly to collect payment.


If I have an appointment with prepayment enabled, when is the payment taken?

A prepayment is taken at the time of booking. The booking details are only entered into your PMS and Practice Admin once the payment has been successfully taken.


How often will payments be deposited in our accounts?

Currently the Stripe configuration is a weekly deposit, however for the first round of payments this might be delayed. You should receive payments within the first two weeks.


Do I need to have a payment setting on every appointment type?

Not if you don’t want to! If your practice only wants to collect prepayment for one specific appointment type and have no payments options for any other type, then that is easily configurable and possible for your practice.


What happens if a booking is made against a practitioner who doesn’t have a Stripe Account?

If a practitioner doesn’t have a Stripe ID, the payment is made to the practice’s Stripe account for the practice to distribute.


How do I send an invoice to a patient?

Healthengine will send a payment confirmation to the patient upon successful payment.  However, it is the responsibility of the practice to create and send (e.g. via email or post) this invoice to the patient if required or requested. The payment confirmation sent by Healthengine stipulates that the patient should contact the practice should they require an invoice.


Why does the price show on the booking form for some appointment types but not others?

This is due to preferences on the pre and post pay settings. Healthengine shows the appointment cost for prepay since patients will need to know the price of their appointment when they pay and complete a booking. For postpay the price of the appointment may change based on the length or complexity of the appointment, and therefore isn’t shown at the time of booking to allow for practices to change the fee as required.


If I refund a patient, does my practice still pay the transaction fee?

If you refund a patient’s payment, the patient receives their full payment back, and the practice’s transaction fee is waived.


Can I collect multiple payments from a patient’s booking?

No. The collect action can only be used once against an appointment, and once completed the card details are deleted for security reasons. If you wish to collect another payment from a patient, you will need to contact them directly.


Can I get DNA payments sent to my practice Stripe account?

DNA payments will always be made to the relevant practitioner’s Stripe account if there is a practitioner account. Currently there is no way to send the DNA to the practice’s stripe account.


Sometimes I get an error when setting the price and can’t save, why is that?

Practice level type settings and practitioner level type settings for pricing must be the same method, and the same price (i.e general appointment and skin checks can have different pricing, but within general appointment, the pricing must be consistent.


How does Stripe handle disputes?

Stripe handles all disputes through their network - if you require support or assistance, please contact Stripe directly.

A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer. The card issuer creates a formal dispute which immediately reverses the payment. The payment amount, along with a separate dispute fee levied by the card network, is deducted from your account balance.

There is a dispute resolution process through which you can respond and submit evidence to make your case that the payment was valid. If the dispute is found in your favour, the disputed amount is returned to you. If a dispute is upheld, the card issuer's decision is final and the cardholder's payment remains refunded.

Please note that the full life cycle of a dispute, from initiation to the final decision from the bank, can take as long as 2-3 months to complete.

You can learn more about how disputes work in Stripe docs on disputes and fraud, or on Stripe's Dispute help centre


How does Stripe handle insufficient funds on a patients card?

If a charge for a post paid appointment is attempted and there are insufficient funds on the patients card, Stripe will record the failed attempt within Healthengine, and you can try to process the payment again via the "Collect Payment".

If a charge for a prepaid appointment is attempted and fails due to insufficient funds, the booking won't be made and confirmed until the funds are correctly taken and allocated to your practice.

Stripe has a number of codes that can help you assess the reason for the declines or failed payment, which you can access here, and will be shown in your Stripe dashboard.

Why can't I see the an appointments payments information in my patient's booking pop-up? 

The patient booking modal has been updated to segment all the relevant information into their relevant areas. There is now a new payments tab in the modal, and all your patients payment information is stored there.

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