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Onboarding to Healthengine’s Stripe Payments

Healthengine has partnered with Stripe payments to allow for your practice and practitioners to automatically collect pre-payments and manually collect post-payments for suitable bookings. You can activate this product via Practice Admin using the following steps:

  • Within Practice Admin, navigate to the Payments tab in the left hand menu

  • Click the “Activate Payments” button to start the onboarding flow

  • Read the information provided, and click “Continue”
  • Read the pricing information provided, and click “Continue”. Please note if applicable, Patient Connect fees still apply.
  • Read the consent information provided, enter the relevant details, tick two the authorisation check boxes and click “Next”. You will not be able to proceed without completing the two check boxes.
  • You have now enabled the Stripe Payments product! Click the “Set up payments” button to navigate to the set up section and start adding Stripe accounts.

Registering your practice with Stripe

In order to facilitate payments, your practice will need a new Stripe account registered with Healthengine  and Stripe. This account will be used when practitioner account IDs either fail or a practitioner isn’t registered to Stripe and doesn't have an ID. This is important as it provides a fall-back bank account for any patient payments that can't be delivered to a practitioner directly.

  • Navigate to the payments page within Practice Admin

  • Make sure the "Allow Stripe to Collect payments" toggle is set to on (teal, with a tick) - the yellow warning message should disappear to show that your practice is set up correctly.

  • In the relevant section for your practice, click “Set Up Stripe Account”
  • You will now be automatically directed to Stripe's website. Follow the Stripe onboarding process to create an account for your practice.
  • Once finished, you should be redirected back to Practice Admin, and the "Set up" button should now say “View Transactions”.


Setting up individual practitioner accounts for Payments

Stripe Payments allows you to configure your setup so that individual practitioners can receive payments directly into their own Stripe account, rather than the practice Stripe ID. Follow the steps below to set up this feature: 

  • Navigate to the Payments page within Practice Admin and under the Manage payments section, click the link to the Setup page

    • Alternatively, you can go to Account > Stripe setup in the navigation menu
  • Find the practitioner you want to onboard, and click “Set up Stripe Account”.

  • Follow the Stripe onboarding process to create an account for the linked practitioner.
  • Once finished, you should be redirected back to Practice Admin, and the button should now say “View Stripe Dashboard”.
  • You can repeat this process for all practitioners registered on Practice Admin.

Note: Depending on which Payments product you have enabled, you are also required to fill in the ABN and Legal Business Name associated with this account. 

Setting Up Payment Configurations

Once you have set up the practice and optional practitioner IDs, you can now allocate the collection method and price to each appointment type. These need to be done on a practice level, meaning every practitioner that shares this appointment type will have the same collection method and price.


The options for collection method are: 

  • Pre-payment - which requires a patient to enter their card details, and have the fee automatically taken from their account prior to the booking being confirmed and entered into your PMS and Practice Admin page,
  • Post payment - which requires a patient to enter their card details and have their card checked as valid card in order to make a booking, and then post appointment have their appointment fee manually collected,
  • None (i.e you don’t collect a payment via HE, but can still do so via normal methods with your front desk).

To set these settings up, go to Practice Admin > Appointment Types

  • Next to the relevant appointment type, click the edit pen button

  • Click and activate the toggle next to “Set up payment details”

  • Select the payment collection time (prepayment or post payment)
  • If you select prepayment, you can enter the total amount payable for patients. This is the final amount the patient pays, which will include a processing fee for the appointment. You can alter the patient fee to cover this appointment type fee and transaction fee if you choose to.
  • If you select post payment, you don’t need to enter a price as this is done as part of the collection process.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Repeat this process for all the appointment types you wish to collect payments for. When enabled, The price column in the Bookings table will update to show either the price, post payment collection or blank.


Setting Up Payment messaging for your patients

It is recommended that you also update your billing policy and cancellation policy information in your practice’s booking form to reflect the payments process to ensure your patients have the best booking experience, and to minimise any complaints with regards to Did Not Attend or late cancellation fees. 

These settings can be edited in Practice Admin > Appointment Setup > Policies > Practice Policies.


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