Managing Your Public Holiday Hours Follow

It is important to ensure that your appointments are set up correctly so that public holidays are accounted for. Whether you are integrated with HealthEngine's Online Booking System or you are using our Sidebar, we've got you covered. 

When Your Practice is Open (Integrated)

If your practice is open on a public holiday, we recommend that you check your availability online to ensure that your availability is publishing for the upcoming public holiday. 


Please follow the below instructions to enable or disable public holidays for each practitioner, individually. 


1. Log into your Practice Admin portal

2. Go to Settings at the bottom left-hand side of your portal

3. Select 'Manage Practitioners'

4. Find the relevant practitioner in the list and click on 'Edit appointment types'

5. Click the green 'Change appointment book' option

6.  'Would you like this practitioner to be available for online appointments on public holidays?'

7. Select the setting relevant for this practitioner's availability: YES / NO

8. Press 'Update' to apply the change





Shared Server?

If your practice is on a shared server then you can not edit this section in Practice Admin. You will need to contact support to adjust the Public Holiday setting.

Please email us at least a few days before the public holiday so that we can switch your appointments 'ON'. In the email, you will also need to include the name of all doctors that are available on the public holiday. Simply email with these details. 

When Your Practice is Closed (Integrated)

If your practice will be closed on a particular public holiday, please close off your appointment book for the day and ensure that your appointments are not publishing online. If you are unsure of how to do this, email at least a few days before the public holiday so that we can help you. If your appointments are not turned 'OFF', your appointments will be published and your patients will be able to book online. 

If you have blocked off the availability for the public holiday in your Practice Management Software but it is still publishing online, please contact our Customer Support Team at to troubleshoot for you. 

Practices Using Sidebar

If your practice uses Sidebar and is NOT open on the public holiday, you will need to delete all online appointments for that day. This will prevent patients from finding and booking appointments if you're closed for the day. 

Should you have any further queries regarding managing your public holiday hours, please feel to contact our Customer Support Team on 

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