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Here at HealthEngine, we want to ensure that you have a full understanding of what it is we do to assist your practice in acquiring and maintaining patients. Subsequently, we have put together a brief product guide that will help you to understand what products we offer and how they could assist your practice. 


Online Booking System (OBS)

Our OBS is our core product. It is a system that offers your patients the convenience of online bookings and gives you an easy way to improve the efficiency of your practice by integrating seamlessly with your Practice Management Software. Alternatively, our OBS can act as a standalone software known as the 'Sidebar'. 

With our OBS, you can improve front desk administration by reducing the number of phone calls, allowing administrative staff to focus on assisting patients who are actually at the practice. It also increases patient loyalty, as the convenience of being able to book appointments 24/7 is highly regarded. It also allows you to reduce the number of no-shows through a combination of having an in-built appointment confirmation process and by providing appointment reminders to patients. Click here to learn more. Click here to see a live example. 

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Professional Profile (PP)

The PP is another of our core products and offers practices the chance to attract patients to their clinic, while offering valuable information - such as contact details, a video and image gallery, and practitioner information - to patients. We also offer the opportunity to publish aspirational patient feedback to your profile, along with a patient satisfaction rating. This assists new patients in feeling confident with their choice to book with your practice. 

Each PP is carefully crafted by our staff to display the practice's key attributes and is designed to attract both new and returning patients to book with the practice using our system. Click here to learn more. Click here to see a live example. 

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Patient Match (PM)

PM is our unique online marketing solution that allows you to fill schedule gaps and drive new patients to your practice. PM allows you to publish real-time appointment availability via your HealthEngine Professional Profile. You can choose to fill gaps in your appointment schedule, or attract large volumes of new patients. You can also customise to add different appointment types, appointment lengths, and appointments for individual practitioners. 

Since everything syncs with your Practice Management Software, any changes you make to your availability, and any changes you make to your appointment book, are reflected online in real-time. Click here to learn more. Click here to see a live example. 

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Featured Listings (FLs)

Our FL product guarantees your practice to appear in the top 3 listings for your specialty in selected suburbs, giving you exposure to patients and positioning your practice as an industry leader.

Having an FL greatly increases your visibility to patients and increases the likelihood of attracting new patients to your practice. Click here to learn more. Click here to see a live example. 

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Google AdWords Search Marketing

With our Google AdWords campaign product, you will stand out from your competitors and appear at the top of Google searches for your specialty and local area. Benefit from our industry knowledge and exclusive reporting system that provides transparency on the return on your marketing activity. 

Google is often the first place a person will go when searching for a service such as healthcare. As such, by investing in our Google AdWords campaign product, your practice will gain much greater visibility, not only on HealthEngine, but on Google as well. Click here to learn more. Click here to see a live example. 

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Web Plugin

Our Web Plugin gives your patients instant access to book appointments via your very own website or Facebook page.

This way, even if your patients aren't aware of HealthEngine, they will still have access to the benefits of online booking. Click here to see a live example of our website plugin. 

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