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Creating an account on Healthengine will not only allow you to make faster bookings in the future but also let you save your preferred providers and view past and future bookings!

Creating your account

To begin creating your account, simply click either the 'Create an Account' button on our Healthengine home screen or the user icon in the top right hand corner as seen in the image below.

Please note: The images used in this article are taken from an iPhone however the process is similar to that of an Android.


If you clicked on the user icon, you will be taken to the following page where you'll need to click 'Create an Account' to continue.



When creating an account with Healthengine, you can choose to sign up with one of the following to autofill your information:

  • Apple account
  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Email account


Please note: If you choose to sign up with your email account, you will be asked to fill in the following boxes with your first name, last name, email address, and desired password.
Be sure to enter your email address correctly with no spelling errors, as this cannot be changed later. 


Once you have entered these login details and hit the 'Agree and Continue' button, you will be returned to the Healthengine Home screen and your account has been created!


Updating your Healthengine account details

When you're logged into your account and book an appointment on Healthengine, your information will automatically pre-populate into the booking form. Because of this, it's a good idea to check that all of your information is up to date! 

To check your profile, tap on the user icon in the top right hand corner then click on your profile underneath 'Accounts and Profiles' as shown below:


From here, tap 'Edit patient details' to be taken to your 'About You' profile and change your details accordingly, ensuring you click 'Save' once done.


Please note: You will be unable to change the email for this primary account on the Healthengine App. To do this please visit our Healthengine website or read our Healthengine article: How to verify or change your email address.

To find out more about using your Healthengine account on our App, please read our Help Centre articles below:

Please note that updating your details on Healthengine will not update your patient file at any practices you have booked with in the past. You should also contact your practice directly to ensure that your patient file is up to date as that will ensure any practice powered communication from us is sent to your new contact details. 

If you are experiencing issues creating or editing your account, contact our friendly HealthEngine Support Team on

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