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This article covers the below topics on creating, editing, sending and viewing submitted Custom Forms. 

How do I create a Custom patient form?

  1. Navigate to ‘Custom forms’ under the 'Forms' menu item in your Practice Admin portal 
  2. Click on ‘Forms library’ 
  3. Click ‘Create new form’ at the top right-hand side of the page 
  4. Select the ‘Build your own' option and press ‘Continue’
  5. Give your form a unique name and description and press ‘Continue’
    1. Please note that this form name is patient-facing and will be displayed to the patient in the email they receive when you send them the form.
      We recommend something patient-friendly, like ‘Health History’ or ‘MyMedicare'
  6. Here you will see the Edit version of creating your form, click ‘Add question’ to start 
  7. Clicking ‘Add question’ will create a box where you can specify the question you want the patient to answer
  8. Underneath the question name, you can specify the type of answer you want to receive 
    1. You can also set a question description, best used if you need to add a clarifying statement; e.g., Please ensure this is the patient's full name.

    2. The default type is ‘Single-line input’, meaning 1-line of text 
    3. You can change the type of ‘Single-line input’ by clicking the down arrow of 'Text'
      1. Other options are Date, Date and Time, Email, Number, Range, URL, etc
    4. If you want something other than ‘Single-line input’, you can click the down arrow of ‘Single-line input’ to view your other options; if you want one of these other options, just select the relevant one to apply
      1. Radio button, Rating scale, Checkboxes, Dropdown, Multi-select, Yes/No option, Long Text, Multiple Text Boxes, etc

  1. From here, you can choose to:
    1. Toggle this question as Required (Mandatory) so the patient is required to complete this question 
    2. If you want another question with the same answer type, you can click ‘Duplicate’ to make a copy of the question and its format; you can edit this question after you duplicate it. 
    3. If you change your mind and want to delete the question, you can press the ‘Delete’ button within the question box
  2. To create another question, you can duplicate the last question or select an answer type from the left-hand side menu item to create a new question with that answer type 
    1. The answer types include a Radio button, Rating scale, Checkboxes, Dropdown, an electronic Signature, etc 

  3. There is no limit to how many questions you can add to the one-page
    1. If you want the questions to be on different pages, you can just scroll down to ‘Page 2’ and click ‘Add question’ to create a page 2 of the form
    2. If page 2 is left blank, it won’t be included in the form; the patient will only see one page. 
  4. You can view your changes at any time by clicking the ‘Preview’ tab at the top left-hand side of the page
  5. Once you’re happy with the form you’ve created, scroll to the bottom and press ‘save changes’

Can I edit an existing patient form?

You sure can!
If you go to your 'Forms library' under the Custom form section of your Practice Admin menu, you can click the 3-dot menu ‘...’ to the right of the form you want to edit then click ‘Edit’.

If you’re editing a form be sure to press ‘save changes’ at the bottom, to ensure your progress is saved.


How do I send a form to a patient?

You can send a custom form via the below multiple ways depending on the audience you want to send it to:

  1. To patients making a booking via Healthengine
  2. To any patient, regardless of whether or not they have a booking 


To patients making a booking via Healthengine

  • through the patient's booking in the Bookings tab of Practice Admin 
  • through an automation rule in the Custom Forms section of Practice Admin 


Through the Bookings tab of Practice Admin 

Once you have a patient form created and ready to go, you can send the form to a specific patient by navigating to the ‘Bookings’ item in the left-hand side of your Practice Admin and following the below steps: 

  1. Click on the relevant patient booking you’d like to send the form out for
  2. When the patient booking pops up, click the 3-dot menu on the right ‘...’
  3. Select ‘Send form’
    1. If you’ve already sent a form for this booking, it will display a list of forms and their sent status; queued to send, sent, completed.

  1. Select the form you’d like to send from the dropdown box provided
  2. Click ‘Send’ when you’re ready to send the form

  3. Healthengine has now queued the form for sending; The patient should receive the form within 15 minutes of pressing 'Send' 


Through an automation rule in Practice Admin

You can create an automation rule to send a specific custom form for Healthengine to automatically send the form to patients who fit the rule criteria.

For example, you can send the form to patients of a certain age, or who book a specific appointment type or specific practitioner. In order to do this:

  1. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal -> Custom Forms -> Automation rules 
  2. Click the 'Create Automation rule' button.
  3. Enter the rule name so you can reference the rule later, and select the form you want to send (In this instance, the MyMedicare form you created above).

  4. Fill in the rules menu based on your preference for patients, and when you want the form to be sent. Please ensure that you 'Apply Changes' for each item to save it correctly.

  5. Once complete, you can decide to set the rule to active immediately by toggling on the rule status at the bottom of the page. 

    If you've toggled the rule on, the form will start to email out to patients who meet this criteria as they book via Healthengine. 

    If you don't want the form to be sent yet, you can toggle the rule status off and it'll create the automation rule on standby for you to toggle on at a later time. 

  6. Once you've finished configuring all the rule settings, an orange 'Create and enable now' will appear at the bottom of the page. Click this button to save this automation rule. 



To any patient, regardless of whether or not they have a booking 

  • a URL link that can be opened in any phone or desktop browser
  • a QR code that can be scanned with a phone's camera
  • a MyMedicare practice poster available for print with the custom form QR code automatically embedded

You can generate and download the QR code image or copy the URL link for a specific form 

  1. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal-> Custom Forms -> Forms Library 
  2. Click the 3-dot icon ‘...’ on the right-hand side of your MyMedicare custom form.
  3. Choose what action you'd like to take from the list of options; Copy URL or a download QR code  
    1. Select 'Copy URL' to copy the URL link and paste it to an email or send the link to patients via Communicate, or, 
    2. Select 'Download QR code' from the list of actions; this will download the QR image to your device. The downloaded image can usually either be found in the download section of your browser, or in your downloads folder of File Explorer on your computer.

The practice poster is only available for MyMedicare and can be found in the poster section of Resources in Practice Admin 

How do I view a form completed and submitted by a patient?

There are 3 ways to view a custom form that's been completed and submitted by a patient.

  • via the link to the Submitted forms page in the practice email notifications sent to the practice with each form submitted by a patient 
  • via the Submitted forms section of Custom Forms in Practice Admin 
  • in the relevant patient's file in your PMS; this is only applicable to patients you've sent a custom form to through Practice Admin via the Bookings table or a custom forms automation rule 

Via practice email notification 

You can view the submitted form via the link to the Submitted forms page in the email notification that gets sent to your nominated staff contact in the Notifications section of your Account in Practice Admin;

  • If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can toggle this alert off by editing the relevant practice email address in the Notifications section and toggling off the alert "a patient has submitted a custom form" - you can always toggle it back on at a later date, if you change your mind. 

Via 'Submitted forms' in Practice Admin 

You can also view and download forms submitted by patients in the ‘Submitted forms’ section of Custom Forms in your Practice Admin portal: 

  1. Navigate to the Forms section on the left-hand side menu 
  2. Go to Custom patient forms 
  3. Click on Submitted forms 
  4. Here you’ll see all submitted patient forms ready for you to download and attach to their patient records for your reference

Important: Please note that according to Healthengine security policies, forms submitted by patients are deleted 14 days after either the appointment date or the submission date, whichever is later. If you would like to keep the record, we recommend downloading them promptly.



If you just want to check the form's sent status, you can do this by going to the booking details for that patient listed in the Bookings tab in the left-hand side menu, as shown below.  


Where does the PDF of the submitted form get stored in the patient file of the PMS?

For patients who you've sent a custom form through Practice Admin via the Bookings table or a custom forms automation rule, we will attach a PDF copy of the submitted form to the patient's file in your PMS. 

For Best Practice, we attach the submitted form PDF to the Correspondence In section of the patient file in Best Practice.

For Pracsoft/ Medical Director, the PDF is stored under the Correspondence tab of the patient file in MedicalDirector Clinical (the same place we store your submitted New Patient Forms).

For ZedMed, the submitted form is stored as an HTML document in the 'Documents' section of the patient file or under Clinical Records > Results > Results Inbox. 

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