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Why hasn't the SMS request sent to the patient for the appointment? 

Please check that the below requirements have been met in order for the SMS to send:


Best Practice

1. Enable the relevant PMS appointment types for the Bulk bill consent product in Practice Admin

2. Change the appointment status to patient arrived

3. Start appointment visit

4. Complete appointment visit

5. Invoice the appointment directly to Medicare: selecting either 'Store' or 'Hold ' will trigger the SMS request to send to the patient. 

Pracsoft/ Medical Director

  1. Enable the relevant PMS appointment types for the Bulk bill consent product in Practice Admin

  2. Locate the relevant appointment in your Pracsoft appointment book
  3. Start recording as a same day visit for this patient in Pracsoft 
  4. Create an invoice for the recent appointment:

    1. Add the relevant MBS items

    2. Set the 'Invoice to' fields as Bulk Bill 

    3. Ensure “Remove from Waiting Room” is ticked in Visit options

    4. Once you're done, select 'Voucher'

  5. Complete appointment visit

> SMS request won’t send if invoice is marked as “HOLD”
> If there are multiple visits in a day, ensure that the “Consult time” is close to the appointment time.


If I change a patient's appointment type prior to their appointment time, will the SMS be sent?


If the appointment type is changed in the PMS prior to marking the patient as arrived and starting their appointment, we will send the SMS request to the patient upon the appointment being marked complete and being invoiced directly to Medicare. 


Where does the patient's written consent get stored in the PMS when approving the form?

For Best Practice, we attached the approved assignment of benefits form to to the Correspondence In section of the patient file in Best Practice. 

For Pracsoft, the PDF is stored under the Correspondence tab of the patient file in MedicalDirector Clinical (the same place we store your submitted New Patient Forms).


How do I find when the SMS request was sent to the patient?

If you go to the 'Bulk bill consent' section in the left-hand side menu of your Practice Admin Dashboard and hover over the Send/Re-send button, you'll see a timestamp of when the last SMS was sent. 



Why does the status say 'Send' with the message 'no previous send'?

If the status says 'Send' on your Bulk bill consent dashboard, it means that there's no mobile number or email address listed on the patient record in the PMS.

If you add the mobile number to the patient file after the consult, you can click the 'Send' button and we will send an SMS to the newly added mobile number in the patient file. 


Will an SMS request be sent if the patient is on Healthengine's Blocked Communications list?


As this is a transaction message that requires the patient to complete an action relating to their appointment, rather than a marketing message, we do not include this notification in the Blocked Communication list. 

We recommend you inform the patient at the time of their appointment, that they'll be receiving an SMS or email from Healthengine requesting they verify their identity and approve the assignment of benefits so they can be bulk billed. 

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