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Depending on what is important to your practice, you might prefer to capture Google reviews from patients over Net Promotor score (NPS) and Healthengine marketplace rating results. If this is the case, you can adjust the way Healthengine requests feedback from patients to either prioritise them filling in Google Reviews for your practice, or filling in the standard Feedback questions. Both sets of feedback flows ask the same questions, just in a different order as patients are more likely to fill in the first few questions in a survey.


Steps to set up a Google Review first flow

  1. Log into Practice Admin
  2. Navigate to the Feedback section in Practice Admin
  3. Navigate to the Preferences section under Feedback
  4. Scroll to the Google reviews section, and click the toggle to the "ON" state
    1. Note: you will need to have an active Google Business Review link provided in order to use this setting
  5. Save changes down the bottom of the page by pressing the button

The changes are now immediately live for your practice, and will impact all future Feedback sends and turn them into prioritising Google Review responses!


If you have any issues, please contact your Account Manager or support@healthengine.com.au

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