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This article guides you through how to create and share a MyMedicare patient registration form through your Practice Admin portal, along with reference to additional resources to help support you through this. 



How to create the MyMedicare form

The MyMedicare form is a template in Custom Forms, which is located under the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal. 

The below steps will walk you through how to access Custom Forms and create a MyMedicare digital form for your practice:

  1. Log in to Practice Admin, and select Forms -> Custom Forms -> Forms Library from the navigation menu.

  1. Click 'Create a new form' in the top right of the Forms Library page.

  2. Select the MyMedicare Registration Form template from the menu options and press continue.

  3. Fill in any relevant description or details you want for this form, or accept the default and press continue.
    Note: The form name is patient-facing and will be included in the 'request to complete form' email that's sent to patients when sending the form via Practice Admin. The form description is internal and will not be visible to patients. 

  4. You can then review the questions and order present in the form.
    We recommend not making any changes to this form, as it has been created to match the current MyMedicare patient registration form provided by the government here, this form includes all relevant legal disclaimers. If you wish to preview the form, click preview in the top left to see the form as a patient would.

  5. Press 'Create form' at the bottom left of your screen to create and save your form.

  6. Once your form has been successfully created, you will see the below success message indicating that you can now send this form to your patients. 


When you're ready to send your form to patients, go to the below 'How to share the MyMedicare form' heading to see all the ways that you can send your form to your patients. 


How to share the MyMedicare form

The below options allow you to share the form with all of your patients, regardless of how they book with you:

In order to use these options, you will need to have the MyMedicare form already created in Practice Admin, following the steps outlined above.

If you'd like to send your custom form to patients who make Healthengine bookings, you can do so via the below two ways: 

  1. Send a form to a specific patient from the Bookings table Practice Admin
  2. Setup an automation rule to send to patients as the book through Healthengine


How do I create a URL link to send via email or SMS?

If you want to send the form to patients by email or SMS (for example, using Healthengine's Communicate product), you can include a URL link to send to your patients by following the below steps: 

  1. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin -> Custom Forms -> Forms Library 
  2. click the 3-dot menu on the right-hand side, next to the MyMedicare form
  3. Select 'Copy URL' from the list of actions provided; this copies the URL to your clipboard.
  4. You can now paste this URL into any Communicate template or email you want to send.

Please note, that this URL is unique to the practice location you've copied this URL from in Practice Admin and isn't shared across locations. If you have multiple locations listed with Healthengine, we recommend you copy the URL link or download the QR code for the MyMedicare form from the Practice Admin portal of each individual practice location. 


How do I send a form to a specific patient in Practice Admin?

Once you have a custom form created and ready to go, you can send the form to a specific patient by navigating to the ‘Bookings’ section in the left-hand side menu of your Practice Admin portal and following the below steps: 

  1. Click on the relevant patient booking you’d like to send the form out for.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu ‘...’ on the right-hand side of the pop up of the patient's booking details.  
  3. Select ‘Send form’.
    • If you’ve already sent a form for this booking, it will display a list of forms and their send status; queued to send, sent, completed.

  1. Select the name of the form you’d like to send from the dropdown box provided. Click ‘Send’ when you’re ready to send the form

  1. Healthengine has now queued the form for sending; The patient should receive the form via email within 15 minutes of pressing 'Send'. 

How do I set up an automation rule to send my form to Healthengine patients?

Custom forms has the ability for you to set up certain send rules for your forms, so that Healthengine will automatically send the form to patients who fit the rules criteria. For example, you can send the form to patients of a certain age, or who book a specific appointment type or specific practitioner. In order to do this:

  1. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal -> Custom Forms -> Automation rules 
  2. Click the 'Create Automation rule' button.
  3. Enter the rule name so you can reference the rule later, and select the form you want to send (In this instance, the MyMedicare form you created above).

  4. Fill in the rules menu based on your preference for patients, and when you want the form to be sent. Please ensure that you 'Apply Changes' for each item to save it correctly.

  5. Once complete, you can decide to set the rule to active immediately by toggling on the rule status at the bottom of the page. 

    If you've toggled the rule on, the form will start to email out to patients who meet this criteria as they book via Healthengine. 

    If you don't want the form to be sent yet, you can toggle the rule status off and it'll create the automation rule on standby for you to toggle on at a later time. 

  6. Once you've finished configuring all the rule settings, an orange 'Create and enable now' will appear at the bottom of the page. Click this button to save this automation rule. 

How do I create a QR Code for my own website or poster?

You can also generate a QR code for forms, which can be scanned by patient devices. We recommend using URL links in emails and QR codes for visual aids, either on your website or on posters.

Follow the below steps to generate a QR code for your form: 

  1. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal-> Custom Forms -> Forms Library 
  2. Click the 3-dot icon ‘...’ on the right-hand side of your MyMedicare custom form. 
  3. Select 'Download QR code' from the list of actions; this will download the QR image to your device. The downloaded image can usually either be found in the download section of your browser, or in your downloads folder of File Explorer on your computer.

Browser example

Windows Example


You can now use this .png image file on documentation or materials to allow patients to scan and fill in the form to be sent to your Practice Admin portal.


How do I download the Healthengine MyMedicare poster?

In order to promote MyMedicare registration at your practice, Healthengine has created a MyMedicare-specific poster to link and display the QR code specific to your MyMedicare registration form.

The below steps walk you trhrough how you can download and print this practice poster from your Practice Admin portal:

  1. Go to the Resources section of your Practice Admin portal -> Promotional material -> Posters 

  2. The first time your try and view or download the poster, you will be asked to link your already created MyMedicare custom form to the poster. Select the relevant MyMedicare form from the dropdown menu, and click 'Select' to generate and download your practice poster with the QR code linked to your MyMedicare custom form.

  3. You can preview the poster by clicking the eye icon, or download the file by clicking the          'download' button.
  4. Click preview again, or download to view the file


What other resources does Healthengine have for MyMedicare?

In addition to the QR poster, Healthengine has other resources for you to use at your practice to showcase the benefits of MyMedicare to patients. Please refer to this page for more details and locations for the downloadable resources.


Government Resources

The Australian government has provided a number of resources here to help advertise and increase patient enrolment.


What do I need to do with the completed MyMedicare form?

Your practice will be required to complete the MyMedicare registration process on behalf of the patient once they have submitted to the form to you, by uploading the information collected in the form into the MyMedicare system on behalf of the patient.

Important: In accordance with Healthengine policies, forms submitted by patients are deleted 14 days after the appointment date, so if you would like to keep the record, we recommend downloading them promptly and saving them either in a dedicated folder or linking them to the patient's file in your PMS.

Please note: For any submitted form that was originally sent to a patient with a Healthengine booking via PracticeAdmin's Booking tab or a custom form automation rule, Healthengine will automatically attach a PDF copy of the submitted form to the patient's file in your PMS. This form will also be available to download in the Submited forms section of your Custom Forms in Practice Admin. 

For Best Practice, we attach the submitted form PDF to the Correspondence In section of the patient file in Best Practice.

For Pracsoft/ Medical Director, the PDF is stored under the Correspondence tab of the patient file in MedicalDirector Clinical (the same place we store your submitted New Patient Forms).

For ZedMed, the submitted form is stored as an HTML document in the 'Documents' section of the patient file or under Clinical Records > Results > Results Inbox. 


Follow the below steps to view and download custom forms completed and submitted by patients:

  1. You can view the submitted form via the link to the Submitted forms page in the email notification that gets sent to your nominated staff contact in the Notifications section of your Account in Practice Admin;

    If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can toggle this alert off by editing the relevant practice email address in the Notifications section and toggling off the alert "a patient has submitted a custom form" - you can always toggle it back on at a later date, if you change your mind. 

  2. Go to the Forms section of your Practice Admin portal -> Custom Forms -> Submitted Forms 

  3. You will be able to see all completed forms in the Submitted Forms table
    1. This table includes the form name (eg, MyMedicare), and the downloaded status.
      1. if you've sent this form via Practice Admin to a patient with a Healthengine booking, this table will also display the patient's first name, last name
    2. You can filter submitted forms by form name or date range using the filter menu options if you only wish to look for MyMedicare forms or certain dates. 
  4. Click the download icon next to the relevant submitted form to download the form you wish to save
  5. Either save the .PDF file to a specific folder in your computer, or attached the .PDF to the patient file
  6. Use the details provided, and your Government login details to register the patient to your practice.

All forms sent to Healthengine bookings via Practice Admin are automatically attached to the patient's file in your PMS. 


Custom Forms FAQs

For frequently asked questions on Custom Forms, including the MyMedicare form, please look at the Custom Forms FAQ.


If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email

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