Activating and configuring New Patient Forms for your Practice Follow

New Patient Forms is a feature that allows your patients to complete their New Patient Form online before they attend their appointment with your practice. 

Using Healthengine's New Patient Forms, you can save time for both your staff and your patient's by having their details already accessible in your Practice Admin and/or in your Practice Management Software!

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How to set up New Patient Forms

Configuring New Patient Forms to only send to Healthengine booked appointments

Deactivating New Patient Forms



How to set up New Patient Forms

To set up New Patient Forms, you will need to activate the product via Practice Admin. You can do this by navigating to:

  • Practice admin > Forms > New Patient
    • If not yet activated, you will see the New Patient Forms Activation Page
  • Press Activate to continue

  • You will then need to proceed through the activation steps, reading the information
    • Please ensure you have the relevant authority to turn on New Patient Forms within your practice before you start

  • Once completed, New Patient Forms will immediately begin sending to your patients. If your practice has a suitable PMS, these forms will also be sent to patients who book directly with your practice as well as online through Healthengine.


Configuring New Patient Forms to only send to Healthengine Booked Appointments

In some cases, you might only want New Patient Forms to be sent to patients who book online via Healthengine, and not directly with your practice. To do so, you must configure your location settings to limit where the bookings are sent too.


Within Practice Admin, navigate to:

  • Account > Location Settings and scroll down to the Related Products section 
  • There is a toggle for you to use to turn on or off new patient forms being sent to bookings made directly at your practice
    • If active, forms will be sent to all patients
    • If inactive, forms will only be sent to Healthengine booked patients


Deactivating New Patient Forms

If you wish to deactivate New Patient Forms, go to the New Patient section in the Forms product:

  • Navigate to Practice admin > Forms > New Patient
  • In the top right, click "Contact us to deactivate" and a support team member will confirm your deactivate
  • Your previously submitted forms should still be visible in the relevant section in the Forms product if you wish to view them later

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