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Healthengine Medical Certificates offers a flexible solution to help accelerate the process of patients booking an appointment for a medical certificates, instead allowing for the process to be done online and free up time for your practitioners to see more patients. Patients can get to the Medical Certificates request form either via your website and a link to your Healthengine profile, or from your profile directly with the click of a button.


From your Healthengine profile

When your practice activates and onboards to Healthengine's Medical Certificates product, a button is automatically created and placed on your practice profile. If your practice has Scripts enabled, you can have both buttons present on your profile.

The patient is then required to click the button to proceed.


From your practice website

Healthengine supports practices' adding the link to the Medical Certificate request form on their website.


Online Medical Certificates - Powered by Healthengine


To set this up, refer to this article.


The Medical Certificates Request Form

Once a patient has clicked the "Online Medical Certificates" button, they are presented with the flow regarding your practices Medical Certificate policy.



You can edit this statement, or use the provided template from within the Preferences page of Medical Certificates in Practice Admin.

Patients are then presented with the Medical Certificates information page, which shows the patient the price of the Medical Certificate. This is also configurable in the Preferences section of Practice Admin. Patients are also told that Medical Certificate requests are required to be filled in within 12 hours of the request being made.

Patients are also able to check which practitioner (if any) they would like to approve their request. This is a preference from the patient; any doctor can review the Medical Certificate. 



The questionnaire page has the relevant questions for the Medical Certificate, and the answers the patient selects are recorded against their request for the approving practitioner to see.



If a patient selects an answer which deems them unsuitable for a Medical Certificate from the online form, they are presented with a rejection page, and are told to book an appointment with your practice instead.



If deemed eligible, patients are then asked to fill in their personal and contact details.



Once completed, patients then enter their payment details. The details are collected upfront and stored against the request. If the request is rejected, the patient isn't charged and their payment details are deleted. If successful, the patient is charged and then sent a medical certificate to their nominated email address.



If successful, the patient sees a success page.


Approved Medical Certificate

If a patient has their Online Medical Certificate approved, they will receive two emails; their medical certificate PDF in one email, and their receipt for the payment in the other.



The Medical Certificate contains both your practice and the approving practitioner details, as well as a Medical Certificate ID in case you need to refer to the ID later.


if the patient hasn't received a med cert - why




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