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Getting started

If you are looking to set up integration with your Helix software, our Helix integration requires your practice to reach out to Helix to get Healthengine Integration enabled. It can then take anywhere from 1 to 3 days for us to receive your integration key.


Availability is read from existing schedules setup in Helix and is pulled every 5 minutes. For further information on setting schedules in Helix, please see their help article here.


If the schedules will not come through for a practitioner please try to update/refresh the schedule and appt types for the practitioner in Helix to see if it fixes issue. This will trigger/force a schedule update in the Helix API.


Failed bookings/Inserts


If you find bookings are failing or failing to insert into your Helix diary this may be caused by having the same appointment book linked to multiple practices or practitioners. Please ensure that the same appointment book/time is only setup to be available at one practice/practitioner.


This can also occur if the practitioners linked appointment type is not applied to the practitioner schedule in Helix. We read all appointment types from Helix, but sometimes the appointment type is not applied to the practitioner schedule, please confirm any linked PMS appointment types used are added to the practitioner schedule to avoid failures.


Finding Deleted/Moved Appointments


In Helix these can be viewed via settings (bottom left gear icon) > audit > search for patient. It does require the correct permissions but will show all edits for a patient on the range selected.

This can assist in troubleshooting issues where a patient may have a booking confirmation but you don't see it in your appointment diary. 


Where do my New Patient Forms go?


We Insert a PDF File patient form in practitioner inbox / and patient form attached to the patient record.

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